• Rumsfeld, Townsend Rebuff Ridge

    Frances Townsend says security matters weren't politicized.

  • The Day In Politics, 6/25

    Today, Jenny Sanford put out a long, thoughtful statement on her husband; the U.S. Open sparked a climate change debate; and Dennis Ross was given a…

  • Sanford's Style

    As public admissions/apologies go, Mark Sanford's was remarkably open, perhaps verging on too much information. How does Sanford's press conference…

  • The Day In Politics, 6/24

    Today, we learned that Bill Richardson thought it was "fantastic" to have Manny Ramirez in New Mexico; Mark Sanford returned; held a press conference…

  • Quote Of The Day: Nixon On Looking For More Female Candidates

    Understand, I don't do it because I'm for women, but I'm doing it because I think maybe a woman might win someplace where a man might not.

  • Obama The Pickup Artist

    President Obama expresses undisguised contempt for the habits of the American media. And they luuuuv it. Do his low-grade insults make him…

  • The Day In Politics, 6/23

    Today, we learned that the Obama administration is shutting down a domestic satellite surveillance program; Iran's Guardian Council says it won't…

  • Quote of the Day: Obama on Neda Video

    It's heartbreaking. Anybody who sees it knows that there is something fundamentally unjust about that.

  • The Invisible Primary, 6/22

    Tracking the GOP race to 2012Gov. Mark Sanford has gone missing, and his staff won't say where he is; John Ensign's approval ratings dropped after…

  • The Day In Politics, 6/17

    Today, we learned that the Obama administration's stance on state secrets legislation is forthcoming; Tom Daschle and Bob Dole introduced a health…

  • Quote of the Day: Obama on Regulatory Reform

    Regulators were charged with seeing the trees, not the forest.

  • Iran Backlash

    Will the protests and riots following Iran's disputed election have any impact on the nation's government? Assuming results won't be overturned, will…

  • The Day In Politics, 6/16

    Today, we learned that Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) has backed Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida; Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) acknowledged an extramarital…

  • Quote of the Day: Mousavi At Rally Monday In Tehran

    I came here to invite everyone to defend their rights calmly.

  • The Day In Politics, 6/15

    Today, we learned that health reform backers have launched a new TV ad; Mir Hossein Mousavi officially won two provinces, according to Iran's…

  • The Day In Politics, 6/12

    Today, the National Organization for Women condemned David Letterman's jokes about Sarah Palin and her daughter; Larry Summers defended his boss; and…

  • The Public Option

    Republicans have warned that if the Obama administration pushes a health care with too much public coverage, it won't be bipartisan. Does Obama…

  • The Day In Politics, 6/10

    Today, we learned that the administration is creating a new Executive Compensation Special Master; that he'll oversee executive pay for seven…

  • Iran Vs. Virginia

    With observers looking to Virginia's gubernatorial primary for domestic political significance, and with Iran slated to hold its elections Friday, we…

  • The Day In Politics, 6/9

    Today, we learned that a Guantanamo detainee was transferred to New York for trial;Sen. Bernie Sanders said some Democrats will never support…


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