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Selecting the right gift for an important customer or client can be a daunting task. You want a gift that's unexpected--but not shocking; a gift that's both tasteful and thoughtful. Fret not: We've assembled five foolproof gifts to suit a range of different tastes and budgets.

TaylorMade Performance Labs Golf Fitting, $350 Using motion capture technology, TaylorMade Performance Labs offers two-hour custom fitting appointments that examine a 3-D image of each customer's swing dynamics (club head path, swing and speed planes, body alignment, and 23 other measurements) to determine his or her ideal club. Appointments are available at any of the company's 20 U.S. locations.

Why It Works: Everyone can stand to improve their golf game, and until recently this fit technology was available only to pros. TaylorMade will also design and order custom-fit clubs based on results. For any golf enthusiast, that's hard to pass up.

Tie Bar Tie of the Month Club, $199 Choose from the "Trendy," "Traditional," "Trenditional," or "Best of the Tie Bar" categories and a new tie from this popular online shop - a favorite among men's style editors - will be delivered to your client's doorstep every month for one year.

Why It Works:
By selecting the proper option, this subscription can be customized for conservative and fashion-forward men alike. And at the end of the day, one can never have too many ties.

Diptyque Sapin Doré Holiday Candle, $68 This scented candle from Diptyque, the fashionable French fragrance company, pays tribute to the noble fir tree with a complex, resinous aroma that suggests Christmas without being overly cloying. Available only during the holiday season, the candle comes in a beautiful, emerald-hued glass vessel that makes a stylish desktop accessory.

Why It Works:
Diptyque candles combine high-quality essential oils and paraffin wax that burns slowly and evenly. Even when unlit, this candle will lend its fragrance to your recipient's office well into the new year.

Spiegelau Beer Connoisseur Tasting Set, $50 Crafted by the world's oldest glass manufacturer, this handsome set takes craft beer tasting to a new level. Each of the set's four glasses - a stemmed pilsner, lager, wheat, and tall pilsner - is designed to maximize the enjoyment of a specific beer. And thanks to Spiegelau's top-quality, highly dense crystal, these glasses hold fizz and foam for far longer than most.

Why It Works: Wine glasses designed for specific grape varietals are now quite common, but this thoughtful approach to drink ware is still relatively new to the world of craft beers. The discerning beer enthusiast needs an arsenal of glasses to match his growing collection, and this set is sure to start to a lifetime of collecting.

The Capital Grille Gift Certificate Dry-aged beef, fresh lobster and an extensive wine list guarantee a gourmet meal for your favorite client. But there's something in it for you, too: Purchase $500 or more in gift certificates and you'll enjoy a set of four, hand-crafted Capital Grille steak knives and a $50 bonus gift certificate of your own--plus complimentary shipping.

Why it works: You give, you get: It's a win-win situation. After all, while client lunches and dinners may be covered by an expense account, there's something to be said for an already-paid-for tumbler of whiskey at the end of the day. Or appetizers at the bar during post-work happy hour with colleagues.