You know how the old adage goes: Location, Location, Location.

Location matters, especially when it comes to closing a business deal. There's nothing that builds bonds quite as deeply as the primal act of breaking bread together, and a shared meal is often what it takes to seal a deal.

However, there's a lot more worth thinking about than simply finding a place that serves a decent sandwich. Herewith, our tips on choosing a location for brokering your next business deal.

  • Need something casual? Consider breakfast. A quick cappuccino and croissant taken together in the early morning can set the perfect tone to break the ice and gather topline details of a new deal in its infancy.
  • Need to show your creativity? On a nice day, track down that hot new food truck that all your local foodies are all a-flutter for. For clients that need to see outside-the-box thinking, going outside beyond a restaurant can be just the gumption they need to see.
  • Need to show your commitment? Tickets to a game demonstrate that you are serious. This is an especially nice option when large group entertainment is called for.
  • Need to lock in your relationship? Nothing says that things are heating up like a memorable dinner. But when the stakes are high, don't chance it. Go where you know you will be catered to so you can focus on the deal at hand.