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After a recent wave of worrying studies correlated numerous health problems with desk jobs that require long periods of sitting, designers and engineers have been working overtime to dream up new office systems to alleviate strain. From the intuitive to the outlandish, these new products are currently capturing our attention.
The national debate over the pros and cons of telecommuting has heated up in recent months. Does working remotely from home make employees happier and more productive, or does it threaten their chances at career advancement?
The past 236 years have witnessed many memorable culinary moments in the lives of America's presidents, from Thanksgiving turkey pardons to anti-broccoli outbursts. It turns out that the timeline of presidential food history varies as widely as the men themselves. Ready to dig in?
To celebrate the coming change of seasons, we've handpicked five must-see festivals and concerts to satisfy your culture craving.
Today's informed foodie is no longer content to simply savor cuisine. He now needs to understand where each ingredient comes from and how it's made--and increasingly demands to try his hand at the process himself. Enter DIY winemaking.
In the fight to end hunger, is filling a stomach only a stopgap? A new approach to addressing the needs of America's 17 million malnourished children focuses on teaching families how to cook healthy, affordable meals.
Like the old-growth roots of grape vines, the foundations of California's many family-owned vineyards stretch deep. And as is the case with all family businesses, each successive generation must balance the gravity of a longstanding legacy with modern innovations and evolving consumer demands.
Karl Marx famously wrote that "history repeats itself--first as tragedy, second as farce." In New York City however, history might start off as an office or barracks and return as a cocktail lounge or art gallery.
Nearly a decade after Sex and the City ignited a national cupcake craze, America's sweet tooth still has bite.
Love might not cost a thing, but Valentine's Day still does. The resourceful Casanova knows where to turn for assistance in planning a perfect night out. From smartphone apps to appetizers, these companies all offer valuable services that help streamline the process.
America is a nation of devout carnivores, leading the world in per capita meat consumption. But while American gastronomy heartily embraces a high-protein diet, it has tended to stick with the tried-and-true trinity of beef, chicken, and pork. That, however, is starting to change.
We live in an always-on, socially connected society. Which is a great thing, until the diner next to you at lunch can't resist live-tweeting photos of every single dish that hits the table, and your dining companion can't seem to stop checking his LinkedIn feed for status updates. Here are five important tips for polite social networking, online and off.
Master Sommelier George Miliotes discusses the easy art of wine pairing and why you should reconsider using your ice bucket.
The New Year offers an alternative to the stresses of the holiday season. Connecting with clients in January means a more relaxed and more productive time for everyone involved. Here's why.
Along with "local" and "organic," "sustainable" has become a powerful force in the market today, from food and energy to clothing and cars. But what does this school of thought mean for the wine world?
Americans lead the pack in coffee consumption. In fact, we collectively consume 400 million cups--every day. For this ineluctable habit, we have a pack of Ethiopian goats to thank, or so the story goes...
Eleventh-hour online shopping isn't so rosy when you've missed the cut-off for having your presents shipped in time for the holidays. Luckily, online retailers are adding digital gift certificates to their line-up, allowing the most talented procrastinators a chance to send gifts directly to recipients' inboxes.
Selecting the right gift for an important customer or client can be a daunting task. You want a gift that's unexpected--but not shocking; a gift that's both tasteful and thoughtful. Fret not: We've assembled five foolproof gifts to suit a range of different tastes and budgets.
Food and drink are an integral part of the December holiday season, and sharing a special meal or even just glass of wine with your teammates offers a valuable opportunity for loosening one's tie and discussing the year's successes.
The cultivation of vanilla beans was a mystery for many years. Uncover the remarkable history behind this quotidian pantry staple.