Watson: The Next Generation Tool for Medical Diagnosis

Learn how IBM Watson can help harness medical data and cutting-edge research for better patient outcomes.
IBM Watson

After IBM deployed the Watson computer into the medical field, some within the healthcare community raised concerns that computers will replace doctors. But doctors themselves see Watson as a solution to an age old problem within the profession.

"It's almost disabling to know that the answer to your patients problem is out there but you can't find it," said Dr. Herbert Chase, a professor at Columbia University's college of Physicians and Surgeons.

With Watson's ability to call on the entirety of medical literature at a moment's notice and highlight evidence to support treatment for individual patients, the computer emerges as a next generation tool for diagnosis, following in the footsteps of the stethoscope.

"Medical students often ask me (if) Watson is going to take their job," Chase said. "And I have the same answer. At the end of the day, it will be the physician to decide."

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IBM Watson
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