The way people work is changing in every corner of the globe. This is happening in real time, and in tangible ways.

There are some major trends which are shaping this rapid transformation:

  • The rise of social in the workplace. We are connecting with others more quickly than ever before, and we’re doing it in ever-changing ways.
  • The rise of mobile technology. Nearly 75 percent of the world’s population has access to a mobile device, so information is not only accessible but is available at the fingertips of a global audience.
  • The rise of the independent worker. More and more people are setting their own work schedules and agendas because people are becoming the leading source of competitive advantage through the specialization of skills.

So, what if we could harness the power of big data and analytics with human insight alongside social and mobile technologies? The result will allow companies to drive better insight and be more precise about how they create more meaningful work for their people and in turn drive more valuable work to help the business meet its outcomes.

That makes a Smarter Workforce.

So why should businesses commit to develop a smarter workforce? For example, it takes the guesswork out of hiring, enabling you to know you are hiring the right talent. You can discover what this did for Cabela’s.

This way of thinking can ease the minds of top executives who run organizations. According to a 2012 IBM study, 71 percent of the CEOs surveyed cited human capital as their greatest source of sustained economic value. So getting the right talent on board and knowing that you are doing it based on human insight and analytics can drive better business outcomes.

And once you have the right talent on board, they can share ideas, knowledge and experiences like never before at record speed. Employees also have the ability and the tools to collaborate and build relationships with colleagues around the world in a matter of moments. This allows organizations to conduct business way more effectively and efficiently.

When you hire the very best people the first time, and put them in the right jobs and the right environment, great things happen. Organizations that have a smarter workforce see lower turnover. Products get to market faster. Productivity rises and workers are more engaged in what they do and how their job impacts the company.

And organizations can get the most out of its greatest asset – its people. How smart is that?