Power in Data: Turning Facts into Discoveries (Infographics, Blog, Expert Q&A)
Cops’ knowledge of their communities is irreplaceable. But it’s also translatable into data that police departments can use to prevent crime. With IBM software, cops can predict where trouble is likely—and turn “hot spots” into calm streets.
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In Mesa, AZ, analytics assisted police officers in reducing crime to historic 50-year lows. Advances in capturing criminal data have helped reduce violent & property crime in recent years. Analytics and predictive policing help put police and emergency responders where they’re needed most.
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Making Sense of Big Data to Fight Crime

Police work is still about catching bad guys--but it's also about understanding crime patterns and acting proactively to prevent incidents before they happen.

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Technology helps law-enforcement officers better predict where crimes will occur based on historical information and trends.

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Analytics technology is helping law-enforcement agencies worldwide make sense of mountains of data and get ahead of crime.

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New advances in capturing criminal data have helped lower crime rates in recent years--even as unemployment rates have risen.

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