Power in Data: Turning Facts into Discoveries (Infographics, Blog, Expert Q&A)
Traditionally, CMOs and CIOs have played on separate fields. But, in our era of Big Data, the CMO and CIO must partner on a marketing-technology strategy that will maximize ROI and drive revenue growth. In fact, it's already happening.
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60% of marketers deem their lack of alignment with IT their #1 obstacle to reaching consumers. CEOs predict social media will be the #2 most-used method to engage customers in 5 yrs—after face-to-face interactions. 79% of CMOs anticipate high job complexity ahead, yet only 48% feel prepared to deal with it.

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate: Form of the CMO/CIO Power Team

CMOs and CIOs need to join forces to decipher the vast amount of digitally created customer data.

CIOs Can Lead Change with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can help business leaders seize opportunities and minimize risks in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

The CMO and CIO Power Team: Fostering a Culture of Collaboration

To close the gap between marketing and IT, the CMO and CIO must work towards a set of jointly defined, mutually beneficial goals.

CMOs and CIOs: Teaming Up to Tackle the 'Big Data' Storm

Today's CMOs feel unprepared to tackle the challenges sparked by the data explosion. Enter the CIO.

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