Power in Data: Turning Facts into Discoveries (Infographics, Blog, Expert Q&A)
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Marketers are experimenting with social media, yet 51% don’t use the data to inform marketing decisions. IBM Tip: Digital marketing tactics should amplify a larger program—and not exist in isolation. The value of social media is the trust created through authentic dialogues with your customers.

Why Social Media Matters for Your Business

With the right tools, CMOs can use social media to build consumer trust and generate revenue gains.

Tips to Navigate Today's Digital Marketing Transformation

To launch a successful online marketing strategy, you must identify your goals, set your target, and always measure ROI.

Chief Analytics Officer: The Newest Member of the C-Suite

It's time for businesses to create a centralized analytics department--led by a strong, well-respected, and committed leader.

Customer Analytics: How to Derive Valuable Insights from Big Data

Innovative algorithms can help businesses understand their customers' opinions and buying patterns on a deeper level

Customer Analytics: The New Source of Value Creation

Social networking has made it critical for CMOs to focus on the customer experience more than ever before.

The Hyper-Connected Consumer: Why Every Tweet Matters

Social media has turned your consumers from a faceless population to a "demographic of one."

Video: Perspectives from Global CMOs

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