The Australian airline Qantas has created a first-in-the-world RFID-tag-based check-in and bag drop process, to speed passengers through the predeparture process, and provide individualized, premium service for its frequent flyers.

Airline travel today is often characterized by inconvenience, frustration and long lines—even before a passenger gets to the security checkpoint. The Australia-based Qantas wanted to change all that, and bring back customer service, convenience and ease of travel, especially for its premium frequent flyers. With a vision of creating a next-generation airport, Qantas sought to automate as much of the predeparture process as possible, giving passengers a greater opportunity to relax, work and shop as they waited to board their planes.

“Next Generation Check-in provides our customers with a smarter, faster check-in experience and we’re excited to be delivering this technology for customers,” says Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas.

Learn about how Qantas is reinventing the airline experience in this case study.