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Public servants are there to aid those in need. And our communities thrive when they are able to connect the right people to the right services at the right time. That’s where technology can help. Innovative solutions can enable caseworkers to anticipate challenges, optimize resources, and coordinate services to improve outcomes. And that helps everyone.
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A healthy city is a powerful economic tool — it can attract new businesses and greatly improve livability. RightServicing helps caseworkers treat clients based on individual needs instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. In Alameda County, IBM helped caseworkers cut $11M in waste—freeing it to be steered back to helping those in need.

Citizen-Centered Services

In cities across the country, social-service organizations are focused on breaking down operational barriers and bringing benefits together across overlapping agencies.

Smarter Governments Need Smarter Benefits and Services

Every needy citizen has different requirements and circumstances--so social programs must move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to service delivery.

Smarter Social Programs Yield Thriving Populations

Analytics and improved information sharing can help governments better support the social and economic wellbeing of citizens in need.

A New Imperative for Healthier Cities

A healthy city requires a holistic approach to caring for its citizens and a commitment to developing the infrastructure to support change.

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