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IBM SmartCloud - IBM SmartCloud is IBM’s family of enterprise-class cloud computing technologies and services for securely building and using private, public and hybrid clouds. SmartCloud enables enterprises to confidently achieve new levels of innovation and efficiency with solutions for private cloud, PaaS, SaaS and IaaS.

Cloud Services For Dummies

Cloud computing is becoming an integral part of many companies' business and technology strategy. There are many different delivery models. But two foundational services are essential for cloud computing to become a strategic part of the overall computing infrastructure:
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enables you to gain access to compute and storage resources in an on demand model.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) sits on top of IaaS and enables you to build applications to support the business.
For business leaders, cloud computing is a cost-effective way to leverage IT resources to prototype and implement strategic change. For your IT organization, the cloud allows it to be significantly more proactive and responsive when it comes to supporting strategic business imperatives.

Learn how to take advantage of IaaS and PaaS to create flexibility for your business. Register to download "Cloud Services For Dummies" now.

IBM-InfographicRightRail.jpgDiscover more. Click to view our infographic on how the cloud drives business transformation.

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