Power in Data: Turning Facts into Discoveries (Infographics, Blog, Expert Q&A)
Businesses today are grappling with vast volumes of data. Smart companies are turning to predictive analytics to listen to what it all is saying. But analytics are only as reliable as their infrastructure. Enter the IBM SmartCloud, equipped with predictive analytics to help you thrive in our era of Big Data.
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58% of CMOs believe their company’s systems are too disparate to analyze data across different channels. Top-performing companies use data analytics 5 times more than lower performers. Companies today process 1,000 times more data than they did a decade ago.

Midsize Business Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

Cloud-based solutions offer a number of benefits on par with our on-demand, "pay for what you use" culture.

Cloud Evolution: From Internal Efficiencies to Better Customer Experiences

Cloud computing has shifted from narrow, opportunistic usages to broad, platform-level thinking that benefits companies seeking to innovate their business models.

Big Data 'as a Service'

The optimal solution to the data explosion combines low cost, reliable data storage with predictive analytics where and when businesses need it.

Changing the World: Big Data and the Cloud

The convergence of two key technological areas--cloud computing and big data--has far-reaching implications that are changing the world.

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