How changing demography is changing a nation

Higher Education

Why School Location Matters

Many students who wish they could attend college don't have workable options close to home.



  1. Eric Gaillard / Reuters

    Will a Cable-Box-Free Future Be Worse for Minority Americans?

    The FCC will vote February 18 on a plan that would open the cable-box market to companies like Apple, Tivo, Roku, and Google.

  2. Tony Gentile/Reuters

    An American Hijab at the Olympics

    Ibtihaj Muhammad, a fencer, will make history when she competes at the Rio games.

  3. Communities
    Robert Galbraith / Reuters

    Reno Is Gambling It All on Tech

    With Tesla and Switch moving to town, the city unveils its tech ambitions.

  4. Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    How Toyota May Have Started Overcharging Minority Customers

    The practice that allowed the car dealer to charge black, Pacific Islander, and Asian borrowers more is called “dealer markup.”

  5. Economy

    Black Consumers Have ‘Unprecedented Impact' in 2015

    Nielsen reports black consumers in 2015 have reached a "tipping point" in their impact, especially online.

  6. Higher Education
    Courtesy of Humboldt State University

    How Should Colleges Share Ideas?

    A group of state schools will test programs for helping first-year students succeed.

  7. Welcome to the Next America

    That the United States is losing its ethnic majority is now a familiar fact. The Census Bureau still dutifully updates…

  8. Communities

    700 Miles in Search of Elected Latinos in Iowa

    An 18-hour drive around the state exemplifies the slow progress and remaining challenges this fast-growing group faces in running for office.

  9. Communities

    Cosmic Latina Grandma Takes Over Latest Guardians of the Galaxy Comic

    Grimm and Groot land in New York City’s Lower East Side and find new cultural and linguistic roots.

  10. Criminal Justice
    Emily Jan

    A Prison of Her Own

    One woman’s plight to deal with trauma and mental illness landed her behind bars repeatedly, like scores of others trapped in the system without proper care.

  11. The Frustrations of Divided Government Play Out in Iowa Races

    Voters don’t agree on the country’s biggest problems, never mind the solutions.

  12. Criminal Justice

    Here’s How Government Experts Would Cut the Federal Prison Population by 60,000

    A government task force has some old and new ideas on how to gradually and systematically reduce the prisoner ranks.

  13. Communities
    Emily Jan

    3 Things This Small Town Can Teach America About Immigration

    On Main Street in Columbus Junction, Iowa, newcomers have revitalized downtown with their blend of tradition and American culture.

  14. Higher Education

    Colleges With at Least 25 Percent Latinos Have Doubled

    In the past two decades, the growth in Hispanic-serving institutions has grown, but not kept up with demand.

  15. Workforce

    How the Corporate World Loses When Women Leave

    When women leave the formal economy, they enter an "off-balance-sheet economy" where both women and the corporate world can miss out.

  16. Workforce

    Six Careers That Help Pay Off Your Student Loans

    From joining the Peace Corps to becoming a firefighter, you can find jobs that will pay for your education.

  17. Communities

    Latino Teen Dares Candidates to "Come Here, Work Like Us"

    Accusing leading presidential contenders of judging without knowing the realities of life as a Latino in his Iowa town, Jose Espinoza, 17, challenges them to visit.

  18. For Trump and His Rivals, The Race to Iowa Is Strictly a Numbers Game

    With days to go before the first two primaries, the leading GOP candidate’s fate may come down to poll margins.

  19. Workforce

    Asian Americans Feel Held Back at Work by Stereotypes

    A new survey reveals just how much racial misconceptions can impact people at work.

  20. Communities
    Ross D. Franklin / AP

    Why Is the Undocumented-Immigrant Population Dropping?

    The number of people living in the U.S. illegally has fallen to its lowest level in a decade, a new study finds, despite the campaign-trail rhetoric to the contrary.