This Is the End

A final post here at The Ideas blog -- and news about where to find me going forward More »

Quote of the Day

Is manufacturing important to a healthy economy? More »

What It Means to Be a Libertarian

A compelling argument for the proposition that tax cuts are what matter most. More »

A New Publication on the Los Angeles Scene

Can Slake jump start ambitious literary journalism in Southern California? More »

Will We Lose the Bookshelf?

Will We Lose the Bookshelf?

It isn't the loss of books themselves that concerns the author, but the memories we keep by storing them in physical form. More »

Web Evolution

The author argues that our online future is going to be different from what we expected several years ago. More »

One Big Brain

One Big Brain

The author argues that the Internet is "weaving humans into electronic webs that resemble big brains." More »

Jesus Christ and Gluten

The Catholic Church says that gluten-free wheat wafers cannot be used as the Eucharist. More »

Video of the Day

"Matt Ridley shows how, throughout history, the engine of human progress has been the meeting and mating of ideas to make new ideas." More »

Mistakes You Didn't Make

The author explains how auto-correct works, and why it sometimes doesn't. More »

A Housekeeping Post

Talk radio host Mark Levin complained about an excerpt posted in this space. A link to his complaint and counterarguments are below the fold. More »

Can Liberals and Libertarians Ally?

Julian Sanchez sees progress on civil liberties issues, and points out that while membership in a political coalition has its privileges, "so does a measure of distance." More »

The Lessons of Iraq

Ross Douthat says the next Republican president would do well to internalize them. More »

Campaigning Without the Media

Is Sarah Palin's press strategy a sign of things to come in American politics? More »

Is America Experiencing a Creativity Bust?

The untaught quality is less present in kids since 1990, a study finds. More »

The Case for Libertarian Independence

Brink Lindsey argues that his movement should make a break with conservatives. More »

Video of the Day

Is 3D at the movies a gimmick? More »

Militarism on the Right

Is there anyone on the right who can counter this tendency? The author isn't optimistic. More »

George Steinbrenner, RIP

A chance encounter with the Yankee owner formed a lasting impression for one young fan. More »

Crowdsourcing Films

Even some high profile directors are resorting to crowdsourcing to fund their films. More »

How Obama Won in 2008

How Obama Won in 2008

A review of a new book about the Obama juggernaut that may "transform the way we understand presidential campaigns." More »

How to Bring Back the Rust Belt, One Town at a Time

How to Bring Back the Rust Belt, One Town at a Time

A video interview with the hulking, tattooed mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, a strong leader finding new solutions for post-industrial America More »

Video of the Day

Graham Hill: Be a weekday vegetarian. More »

Avoiding Cognitive Dissonance

Do facts have the power to change our minds? More »

Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction

A parodist's remembrance of World War II. More »

A Disposition or a Program

The author argues that conservatism has transformed itself into a bullet-point ideology. More »

Are College Students Studying Less?

Perhaps a large part of the change in hours studied relates to gains in efficiency. More »

Conservative Class Warfare

The author calls for the elimination of public largess directed at the rich. More »

Update from Aspen

A collection of content produced at The Aspen Ideas Festival. More »

Cryonics and Marriage

A desire to be frozen after death often causes marital conflict. More »

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Idea of the Day Show Us What We Spend on Power

Show Us What We Spend on Power

Electricity bills are confusing, and don't arrive until long after the damage is done. The fix to a system that's high in both costs and headaches lies in connecting consumers to their consumption--show people what they're using in real time, and make it easy to compare costs to kilowatts.

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