Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Risky Business

    The hot book of last year among populist-leaning liberals was Jacob Hacker's The Great Risk Shift, which argued that income volatility has gone way,…

  • Whose Ox Would Gore Gore?

    Mickey Kaus speculates that a machiavellian Clinton campaign secretly wants Al Gore in the race, the better to split the left-wing, anti-Hillary vote…

  • Gambling With The Sopranos

    One of the great advantages of doing a TV show for HBO - particularly a long-running, critically-acclaimed, genre-busting TV show - is that you don't…

  • Rooting For the Bad Guy

    So Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott are apparently re-teaming - after the success of Gladiator and the, er, non-success of A Good Year - to make…

  • The Ghost of Jacob Javits

    Ramesh on Brooks: ... I think Brooks is right that a lot of conservatives have a paralyzing misimpression of Ronald Reagan. He's also right, in my…

  • Backwards March

    Responding to Brooks' column, Jonah writes: What Brooks sees as a the base's inability to accept change is often, in reality, a burning desire for…

  • Zero Grazing

    Like most conservatives, I'm all for a little hypocrisy now and then - it's the tribute that vice plays to virtue, the glue that holds society…

  • Sleepwalking Toward Disaster

    It should go without saying that I like David Brooks' column yesterday about the Republican malaise, but that doesn't change the fact that it's…

  • The Sam's Club Republican

    Now if only Tim Pawlenty were running for President . . .

  • When Meritocracy Attacks

    Now that we're the junior left-right team here at the good ship Atlantic, I'm sure Matt Yglesias and I will be disagreeing an awful lot, so let me…

  • The GOP and History

    Robert Novak explains why it may get worse for the Republicans before it gets better:

  • The Wrong Pander

    I'm not sure it says anything good about Rudy Giuliani, the Republican Party or the country as a whole that he seems more willing to throw his…

  • Why Americans Have More Children

    A fascinating post from Will Wilkinson, riffing on Nicholas Eberstadt's American Interest essay on America's enduring demographic exceptionalism.(See…

  • Who's Afraid of Hillary Clinton?

    Ramesh Ponnuru writes: Sen. Clinton said last night that Republicans were afraid to run against her. I don't think that's right: I think that right…

  • Why "Fake Populism" Sells

    Noam Scheiber makes an interesting argument: Liberals ... assume that what most Americans want from politics is a modest improvement in their lives:…

  • My Mike Gravel Problem, and Yours

    I didn't watch last night's Democratic debate, but scanning the media coverage this morning left me with one burning question: Who the heck is Mike…

  • The Case of Scott Ritter

    He makes an appearance in the new Bill Moyers documentary about the press and the war, and Matt flags this quote: And when I first resigned and…

  • A Fine Whine

    I'm glad to see both Isaac Chotiner and Kevin Drum griping about the Democrats' whiney, "stop questioning our patriotism" reaction to Rudy Giuliani's…

  • All Creatures Great And Small

    I got most of the way through Manohla Dargis' review of Zoo, the new, Extremely Serious look at bestiality - it's the tragic tale of a man who died…

  • It’s His Party

    Bush is fading. Bush Republicanism is here to stay.


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