Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Kinsley on Hitchens

    Matt's right that Michael Kinsley's review of God Is Not Great offers some profound insights into how the the media-public intellectual complex works…

  • The Art of Self-Marginalization

    Reihan had some sharp comments on this Pat Buchanan column when it first appeared, and now Eve Fairbanks chimes in. The piece in question, in which…

  • Be Not Afraid?

    Eve Tushnet, in a post from a while back, had some thoughts that seem relevant to the "should atheists envy believers" question:

  • Clinton's Character

    Of my suggestion that it's a little convenient for liberals to play the character card in the case of Rudy Giuliani when they tended to dismiss it…

  • Do You Have Love For New York?

    Like Peter Suderman, I wasn't exactly blown away by Radar Magazine's hitjob on Adam Moss's New York Magazine. I don't read New York all that much,…

  • You Like To Watch

    You know, for someone who thinks Lost jumped the shark way back in 2005 and isn't shy about saying so, John Podhoretz is an awfully faithful viewer.

  • Well, This Should Be Interesting

    It's been brutal watching Rudy try to finesse the issue, and since he's not going to run as pro-choice and anti-Roe, maybe this is as good a strategy…

  • Uncle Sam Wants You

    Let me add my voice to the skepticism about what seems to be the consensus position - running from Rudy through Romney, McCain, Obama, and Hillary -…

  • Debating Bloomberg

    Fred Siegel and Michael Goodwin for the prosecution; Reihan for the defense.

  • Private Lives, Public Duties

    Emily Bazelon, writing in Slate, makes the case that Rudy Giuliani's mistreatment of his wife and children should be a political issue. "It's not…

  • Guns on the Wall

    I agree with John Podhoretz's complaint about this week's Sopranos (beware of spoilers if you click through), but I don't think the…

  • God in the Dock

    Credit where credit is due - Christopher Hitchens seems willing to argue the question of God's greatness or lack thereof anytime, anywhere. Here's an…

  • Hate Crimes and Hypocrisy

    On the question of whether hates crimes legislation should be extended to cover gays, Ramesh writes: [Brad Plumer] seems to think that it would be…

  • Rush Limbaugh, Animal Lover?

    I wasn't quite as irritated with this Will Saletan column as Megan McArdle; I just thought it was a little obtuse. Against people who claim that…

  • Die Hard IV: Kindergarten Cop

    I'm a cultural conservative. What does that mean? Well, for instance, it means that when I read a Garance Franke-Ruta op-ed arguing that we need to…

  • Going Out On Top

    Why is it good news that one of my favorite shows has announced that it's going off the air? Because it isn't going off the air till 2010, there…

  • Families Matter

    I'm late coming to this, but Mark Thoma responded to my earlier comments on Jacob Hacker's thesis about rising income volatility, and then Reihan…

  • Dirty Old President

    So I thought Fred Thompson's chances at the GOP nomination were looking pretty good - right up until I took a look at Fred Thompson. For some reason,…

  • The Fortunate Faithful?

    Matt sides with Jon Chait; Ezra sides with Karl Rove. I take Matt's point that the atheist's self-proclaimed envy for the believer's faith is often a…

  • Sex Ed That Works?

    Jennifer Roback Morse explains it all:


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