Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Meet the New Core, Same as the Old Core

    I try to avoid so much as thinking about Harvard these days, having spent more of my post-college life immersed in the topic than is strictly healthy…

  • Immigration and the GOP

    What David Frum said.

  • The Times and the Man

    Jay Cost makes a sharp point about Tommy Thompson's hopeless, embarrassing campaign for the Presidency: Sixty years ago, before the rise of…

  • Today's Best Debates

    Ramesh Ponnuru versus Thomas Edsall on Giulianism. (I'm with Ramesh.) Christopher Orr versus E.J. Dionne on heterodoxy and orthodoxy in the GOP.…

  • Invincible Ignorance

    I'm sure there will be worse reviews of Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth, but it's hard to imagine there will be many that are more annoying that…

  • The Case of John Ashcroft

    Both Matt and I have both made comments along these lines before, but with Andrew remarking that "I never thought I'd say this but in comparison with…

  • Great Moments In Constituent Services

    The cult of "something must be done" claims another victim:Senator Jim DeMint, Republican of South Carolina, said he had doubts about this approach,…

  • Nobody's Perfect

    There isn't a living critic I respect more than James Wood - and I respect him more than most of the dead ones, too. So it's with something…

  • The Wisdom of Repugnance

    Julian Sanchez is quite right about this: If you support the blanket legalization of abortion, there's really no reason to find the abortion of…

  • The Party of Peace

    Via Rod Dreher, a fascinating reminder that Ron Paul is right about at least one thing - there was a time when the GOP sold itself as the anti-war…

  • Where Are The Realists?

    I think Andrew is getting a little too excited by the Ron Paul phenomenon. The idea that Paul should be removed from the debates is ludicrous,…

  • Nothing Would Be Better

    Of George Lucas' stated intention to make two more made-for-TV Star Wars films, Tyler Cowen remarks "better than nothing." I'm not so sure. Is what's…

  • Talent on the Military

    Regarding my earlier post on whether we should increase the size of the military, Jim Talent writes in:Ross Douthat ... disagrees with my claim (in…

  • Falwell vs. MLK

    Via Matt, here's Michelle Goldberg on Jerry Falwell: It's hard to believe now, when evangelicals and fundamentalists make up the most organized bloc…

  • Giulianism and the GOP

    Tom Edsall’s TNR cover piece on Rudy Giuliani is persuasive when it argues that Rudy could win the Republican nomination despite being pro-choice -…

  • Bushism Lives?

    Daniel Larison thinks I'm being too hard on myself: Who among the leading candidates is making a real small government agenda an important part of…

  • The Black Legend

    Sherwin Nuland, reviewing a book about dissection in the latest TNR, writes: A few weeks before reading Katharine Park's intriguing volume on the…

  • Our Boer War?

    Daniel Larison, in the course of arguing - rightly, I think - that Woodrow Wilson's foreign-policy legacy was far more disastrous than George W. Bush…

  • How Dare They?

    Scott Lemieux wonders "how on earth" Christine Stansell's retelling of the history of abortion rights made it into the New Republic, since it breaks…

  • The War Party

    Sometimes, you get things wrong. In January, just as the long march to primary season was getting under way, I wrote a piece for the Atlantic in…


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