Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • The Politics of '80s Comedy Revisited

    I missed Matt’s snarky comment about right-wing populism and ‘80s comedy:Mass market comedy, as seen in Hollywood films, strikes me as a pretty…

  • Memento Mori

    What better day than Memorial Day to take some time and digest Jody Bottum's thought-provoking essay on "Death and Politics", in the latest First…

  • The Politics of '80s Comedy

    Fletch as smug liberal crap, Ghostbusters as right-wing populist genius - Reihan explains it all.

  • The Democrats and the War

    Matt writes:To me, the only real explanation for Democratic behavior is this. The party's leadership and political thinkers simply can't conceive of…

  • Et Tu, Minerva?

    We may not have Lost to kick around for the next nine months, but we do have the last Harry Potter novel coming up - and via the indispensible…

  • Two Faces of Libertarianism

    It's interesting that the most compelling moment of the Presidential campaign so far involved a face-off between Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul, because…

  • "A Clinton Who Hadn't Read the Books"

    Sure, Bob Shrum's book is doubtless tendentious and self-serving, but Michael Crowley's excerpts only confirm my abiding distaste for John Edwards,…

  • Lost in Lost

    Difficult as it may be to believe, I was less enthusiastic about last night's Lost finale than JPod. (Spoilers below the jump.)

  • Monumental Banality

    Read Jonathan Last's account of how the Flight 93 Memorial is shaping up, and weep.The photo above, incidentally, is of D.C.'s World War I Memorial,…

  • Leadership

    Rod Dreher's friend the immigration lawyer writes: Real comprehensive immigration reform – seal the borders, amnesty those here – is never…

  • Apocalypse Now

    I hope I am not being unkind to our sister publication when I say that I find National Journal's cover story on American decline almost entirely…

  • Jedi Blog Tricks

    I may be a prequel hater, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good Star Wars blogathon as much as the next dork. This entry, from one Ryland Walker…

  • Melancholy Elephants

    Via a coworker, the case against copyright extension, in the form of a Spider Robinson short story.

  • The Conservative Mind, Circa 2007

    Kathryn Jean Lopez writes: I just did a quick flip through a Simon & Schuster catalog for the fall. Mary Matalin’s Threshold imprint looks to…

  • Free Culture

    I would almost be sympathetic to Mark Helprin's argument that copyrights should last forever, and that his great-great grandchildren, rather than the…

  • Know Thy Majority

    Daniel Larison writes: Despite the best efforts of the Mehlmans and Martinezes to make the GOP ”relevant” to constituencies that don’t…

  • The Hinges of Fate

    Speaking of military history, the latest Nation includes a review of what sounds like a fascinating Ian Kershaw book on ten "fateful choices," in…

  • Arms and the Student

    I agree with the general point of Fred Thompson's defense of teaching military history, and the old Victor Davis Hanson column that he draws on,…

  • Immigration and the GOP II

    I've been waiting to read something smart that contradicts this analysis, but I haven't found it.

  • Flip-Floppery

    Matt has an interesting post comparing Romney's rightward flip-flops to John Edwards' journey to the left over the last few years. He notes that…


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