Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Whores For Money

    This interview almost - almost - makes me want to forgive George Clooney for Good Night and Good Luck and Syriana. (I'll never forgive the critics…

  • America The Fortunate

    In our enemies, that is. The latest group of terror plotters seem to be smarter than the idiots from New Jersey who were planning to attack Fort Dix…

  • Choosing Life

    This is my last Knocked Up post, I swear (must ... finish ... actual ... review), but I couldn't let this Dana Stevens line pass: Allow me to briefly…

  • Defending Bill O'Reilly

    Hey, somebody has to do it. Everyone's all riled up about these comments, which O'Reilly made during an interview with John McCain: But do you…

  • Things To Watch Today

    The production values aren't as good as, say, Tea Partay, and the script isn't quite as funny, but no discussion of douchery would be complete…

  • Things To Read Today

    Rod Dreher on how Boss Hogg crowded out Jefferson Davis in the Southern imagination. Michael Brendan Dougherty on paleoconservatism's long war. Megan…

  • What Is Secularism?

    I can't recommend Razib's enormously intelligent post on religion, secularization, and various associated topics highly enough, and Reihan's…

  • Wrong But Popular

    Reviewing Bob Shrum's book, and discussing Shrum's now-famous admission that he convinced John Edwards and John Kerry "to opportunistically endorse a…

  • Peace With Honor II

    A commenter points out that to compare the 1968 election to '08, and public opinion on Vietnam to public opinion on Iraq, you have to factor in the…

  • Peace With Honor

    Jonah makes the point that Nixon could make his appeal for an honorable end to the war in Vietnam because his right-wing, hawkish bona fides were…

  • 28,000 Words Later

    I did it. I read - with, okay, some skimming here and there - Paul Berman's behemoth of an essay on Tariq Ramadan. And you know what? There's a…

  • The Atlantic and American Conservatism

    Reihan has a detailed response to Patrick Ruffini's thought-provoking post on movement conservatism after Bush (which is the continuation of an…

  • Wes Thompson?

    Jason Zengerle writes: Fred Thompson is to the Republicans in '08 as Wes Clark was to the Democrats in '04. In other words, the highpoint of his…

  • The Iraq Endgame

    Rich Lowry reports that "an influential Republican strategist" tells him that "if Iraq looks the way it does now in September, Bush will lose about…

  • Social Conservatism for the Real World

    From the Times' Judd Apatow profile:Both of the films Apatow has directed offer up the kind of conservative morals the Family Research Council might…

  • Rudy the Libertarian

    David Boaz points out that he isn't one. Matt points out that this calls into question the Boaz thesis that there's a large "libertarian vote" out…

  • Nixon in '08

    Via Brink Lindsey, and coming soon to a Democratic Presidential campaign near you:

  • Rovism and Its Discontents

    Karl Rove on the GOP's future:“There are two or three societal trends that are driving us in an increasingly deep center-right posture,” he said.…

  • Smokin' Aces

    I rented Smokin' Aces last night with a friend, looking for a mindless action movie to wind down my Memorial Day weekend, and here’s what I don’t…

  • Comedy Is Hard

    Jonah defends Fletch - its funniness, not its politics. I wonder when he last watched it. I, too, was under the impression that Fletch was a laugh…


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