Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Advice For Joe Klein

    And for us all, from David Frum.

  • Quote For the Day

    I'm no great fan of Stephen Schwartz's politics - other neoconservatives are accused of being Trotskyists; he seems to actually be one - but this,…

  • Why Are Americans So Religious?

    Because we're geographically mobile and ethnically diverse, says Brink Lindsey. Because our families are stronger than Europe's, says Mary Eberstadt.…

  • Hearting Huckabee

    I went to a Pew Forum lunch yesterday with twenty-odd journalists and Mike Huckabee, who had just flown in from the New Hampshire debate. (He was on…

  • The Limits of Government

    Brink Lindsey writes: Ross is correct that many of Bush’s greatest misses (prescription drug benefit, steel tariffs, farm bill, energy bill,…

  • Policy Matters

    Whatever you think of No Child Left Behind - and I'm decidedly agnostic - it's probably not a coincidence that the domestic-policy issue where this…

  • Tatonka!

    Okay, so this is pretty incredible. (hat tip: Megan) It seems like conventional nature-film fare at first, but keep watching:

  • Mormonism and Democracy

    Speaking of faith and reason ... every year, twice a year, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life holds a conference for journalists in Key West,…

  • Huckabee on Evolution

    Roll the tape:Of this, and Jamie Kirchick's suggestion that Huckabee believes in "fairy tales," Matt writes: My understanding is that Hillary Clinton…

  • Crusading Conservatism?

    Continuing this discussion, Jonah writes:While I have specific criticisms for all of them, my common critique of Bushian compassionate conservatism,…

  • The Teflon President

    My latest Bloggingheads appearance, alongside the redoubtable Mark Schmitt, finds me whining (yet again) about the absence of a non-Ron Paul critic…

  • Buchanan '08

    Matt writes: Buchanan's 2000 campaign struck me as wildly undermotivated at the time. By today, it looks very well motivated in retrospect -- there…

  • Ambinder '08

    You may have noticed that the Atlantic's blogging empire now includes Marc Ambinder, last seen starring in The Note: First Blood, Part II, and The…

  • The Eye of the Beholder

    Ezra Klein on Knocked Up:The flick is pro-choice in the most literal sense of the term. Katherine Heigl's character receives advice in both…

  • I Draw The Line At the Gadsden Purchase

    J. Goodrich, on the conservative crack-up:Immigration is the point where the odd marriage that makes up the Republican base falls apart, the marriage…

  • Myrna Minkoff vs. Sam Brownback

    One of the more annoying aspects of the whole Amanda Marcotte affair was the fact that various young liberals I respect felt the need - out of…

  • The Lessons of Bushism

    Jonah raises an excellent question - do conservatives of a non-libertarian stripe have a leg to stand on in their criticisms of the Bush…

  • Zodiac Revisited

    You probably didn't see David Fincher's Zodiac when it came out this spring, at least judging by these box office numbers. But you should have.

  • Your Debate Coverage

    No, not that one: I mean Reihan, Ruffini and yet more Reihan on the future of the conservative movement.

  • Test

    This is a test:


What Happened to the Milky Way?

Light pollution has taken away our ability to see the stars. Can we still save the night sky?


The Faces of #BlackLivesMatter

Scenes from a recent protest in New York City


Desegregated, Yet Unequal

A short documentary about the legacy of Boston busing


Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life

The Supreme Court justice talks gender equality and marriage.


Social Media: The Video Game

What if the validation of your peers could "level up" your life?


The Pentagon's $1.5 Trillion Mistake

The F-35 fighter jet was supposed to do everything. Instead, it can barely do anything.



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