Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • The Pope and the Rabbi

    Religious dialogue, the way it ought to be. (hat tip: Amy Welborn)

  • Linker, Rorty and the Theocons

    I've been following Matt's back-and-forth with Damon Linker over Linker's interpretation of Richard Rorty with interest, not least because what Matt…

  • Inequality and Family

    As you might expect, the smartest piece in the New York Times Magazine's gala inequality issue belongs to Roger Lowenstein, better known (to me, at…

  • The View From Nowhere

    Steven Landsburg compares how much open immigration costs low-wage American workers to how much it benefits the immigrants themselves, and reaches…

  • Last Man Standing

    Tyler Cowen:I've said it before, I'll say it again. No matter what your politics, contemporary northern Europe represents a high point in human…

  • Made in America

    "I'm not saying there's nothing out there," Tony tells Paulie near the end of the Sopranos finale, after the superstitious capo describes catching a…

  • Abortion By The Numbers II

    Ramesh investigated the "how many women have abortions" question back in 1999, it turns out:The statistics are spotty - reporting requirements vary,…

  • Rudy the Social Conservative?

    Last week, defending the notion of Giuliani as someone social conservatives should be comfortable voting for, JPod wrote:Giuliani spent years and…

  • How The Sopranos Ends III

    Believe it or not, I still don't know - some blogger I am! - thanks to a confluence of events that will prevent me from seeing the final episode…

  • Abortion By the Numbers

    Back to Dana Stevens, and "the 77 percent of Americans who support abortion rights—and the 40 percent or more of American women who have exercised…

  • Dying Into Life

    "Faith is not a state of mind but an action in the world, a movement toward the world."Read the whole thing.

  • How The Sopranos Ends II

    It doesn't comport with my own theory about the show, but Matt's prediction would make for a pretty neat (and plausible) twist ending.Also, is this…

  • Speaking of Judd Apatow

    Good times.

  • Knocked Up, Again

    I'm a little baffled by Dana Stevens' piece on abortion and Knocked Up, which doubles as an extended response to my post on the subject. In her…

  • The MSM and Immigration

    If you thought, like Matt and Mickey Kaus, that Dan Balz's "news analysis" was the sine qua non of mainstream media mindlessness on immigration, I…

  • How The Sopranos Ends

    Here's the TNR prediction thread. Here's New York Magazine's staff predictions. And here's David Edelstein: I don't believe that Tony will die…

  • Romney, Headed For A Fall

    Just keep telling yourself that, Daniel ...

  • Science Has Spoken, The Case Is Closed

    Two years ago - has it really been that long? - I wrote a quick piece for TNR Online arguing that conservatives who embrace "intelligent design" are…

  • American Gangster

    It's hard to go wrong with Russell Crowe - but it's possible. It's harder to go wrong with Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott - but again, it happens.…

  • Romney's Big Mo

    Okay, maybe "big" is a little much. But he has seems to have a clear path, barring a Fred Thompson surge, to winning Iowa. An Iowa victory in a…


What LBJ Really Said About Selma

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