Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Knifed In the Ankle?

    Jonah chides me for lending legitimacy to the comparison, which he suggests is implied by the term "stabbed in the back," between American…

  • The Stab in the Back

    Two out of two Matts agree: If the U.S. pulls out of Iraq or fails to bomb Iran, the "stab in the back" narrative is going to become the centerpiece…

  • Cruisin' With The Right

    I know it's been a whole ten years since Eric Alterman unburdened himself of 5,000 words on the plutocratic excesses of the NR cruise for the Nation…

  • Heads A'Blogging

    Me and Jon Chait, hating on David Broder together.

  • Updike on Shlaes Revisited

    I just re-read my earlier post and I think I'd like to disassociate myself from my own snarkiness. Sure, Updike's essay wasn't very good at all, but…

  • God is Not Great Is Not Great

    You can find my contribution to the great Hitchens debate in the latest Claremont Review of Books.

  • Updike on Shlaes

    As a non-historian who aspires to review works of history here and there - and perhaps even write one, who knows? - I don't want to begrudge a…

  • The Bridge

    I saw two movies over the weekend, A Mighty Heart and The Bridge, a 2006 documentary about suicide and San Francisco's Golden Gate. Both were…

  • The Vice President in His Labyrinth

    Reading the first part of the Post's series on the vice-presidency of Dick Cheney - a man who “expresses indifference, in public and private, to…

  • Against Bipartisanship

    And Michael Bloomberg. Jonathan Chait says what needs to be said.(And speaking of Chait, this discussion promises to be entertaining.)Update: If only…

  • Good News For Republicans

    Americans still don't trust government.The liberal spin on these numbers is summed up by Stanley Greenberg: In their breathtaking incompetence and…

  • Lazy Friday Blogging (II)

    I've been meaning to work in some baseball blogging here and there on this site, in imitation of Matt's basketblogging, and a slow Friday seems like…

  • Lazy Friday Blogging (I)

    Okay, it's no Veiled Conceit (where have you gone, Veiled Conceit?), but this site has a certain potential.

  • Whistling Past Dixie

    I like Alex Massie and Daniel Larison's contributions to the whole "does the South hold American politics hostage" debate that Paul Waldman and Kevin…

  • Divided They Fall

    If there's any state where a semi-obscure social conservative ought to be able to make some noise, it's Iowa. And sure enough, if you add Sam…

  • Push It To The Limit

    Just a little something to get you through the afternoon.

  • In Defense of Circumcision

    Since Andrew is on one of his periodic anti-circumcision crusades, I thought I'd say a few words in the procedure's defense. Since this is a family…

  • The Art of the Possible

    Matt writes:“Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical,” US President George W. Bush said yesterday “a nation…

  • Obama-Bloomberg '08

    It's Paul Starr's idea, and it makes an awful lot of sense to me. Bloomberg isn't going to be President - no way, no how - and at some point he has…

  • Hef's Women

    As a frequent, albeit unwilling, viewer of The Girls Next Door, I found Daphne Merkin's meditation on the show for Elle at once maddening (since I…


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