Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • The Believer

    I'm late coming to it, but I think Andrew is wrong about this: I can still just about believe that Bush thought the WMD case was sound. I can't…

  • The Long Sneer

    I should say at the outset of this post that I am not a particularly great admirer of Russell Kirk. The Conservative Mind was an important book…

  • Not Necessarily Flimflam

    Of Karl Rove's Aspen talk, I wrote:Some of it was flimflam: For instance, he simultaneously argued that a rising number of apprehensions on the…

  • The Church in China

    Of Adam Minter's Atlantic profile of Shanghai's Bishop Jin Luxian and his tightrope walk between Rome and Beijing, Richard John Neuhaus writes: It is…

  • Jihadis As Movie Villains

    Here's Reihan's take, from the great Sum of All Fears controversy.

  • The 'Burbs

    Of Joel Kotkin's vision (and mine) of our suburban future, Matt writes: The urbanist proposal isn't "hey, jerks, why don't you all move to dense…

  • Even Paranoids Have Enemies

    Everyone's been making fun of this overheated Michael Fumento post, in which he gripes about Hollywood anti-anti-terrorism. And with good reason.…

  • Highlights From the Festival

    The Ideas Festival is over and I'm on my way back to D.C. (technically, I'm sitting in the Denver airport waiting for a delayed flight - along with…

  • Snape the Villain?

    More frenzied Potter speculation, via the redoubtable Jonathan Last.

  • Powell-Bloomberg '08

    This isn't Aspen-specific, so I thought I'd cross-post it from the Ideas Festival blog:One last point on Colin Powell: He may be self-serving and…

  • Self-Parody Alert

    Matt Frost, two days ago:I haven’t seen Ratatouille yet, but in service to The Scene, I’ll probably take my children and report back,…

  • The Atlantic in Aspen

    The blog is up and running; serious posting will begin Monday night, when the Ideas Festival starts in earnest. I'll probably check back in here with…

  • Crises of Faith

    America is becoming more secular; Europe is becoming more religious. Both trends could mean trouble.

  • Apologies ...

    ... for the light posting, which will continue through the weekend. On Monday, we kick off our second annual experiment in live-blogging the Aspen…

  • Knocked Up And Abortion, Uncut

    Draw your own conclusions. (And obviously, obviously, this is NSFW.) Knocked Up’s Thoughtful Abortion Debate.

  • Your Republican Party

    Tony Fabrizio polls; Marc Ambinder reports; Reihan analyzes.

  • Bringing It All Back Home

    Bill Kauffman makes the case for secession.

  • Waiting For Harry

    Alan Jacobs - an occasional contributor, I might note, to the new American Scene - gets his Potter on.

  • The Dismal Art

    I finally got around to reading - okay, skimming - Tom Junod's Esquire profile of Angelina Jolie, which Ron Rosenbaum famously called "the worst…

  • The New American Scene

    They're still working out some kinks in the site, I believe, but if you don't go check out the kick-ass design and crack team of bloggers Reihan has…


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