Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Christian, Muslim, Jew

    Speaking of the Jews, Razib has an interesting post (following up on this post, from last year) attacking the intellectual seriousness of the term…

  • Race and The Israel Lobby

    Freddie deBoer emails:It seems to me, from reading your blog post and from watching your Bloggingheads with Matt Yglesias, that part of your problem…

  • The Walt Counterfactual, Revisited

    Megan speaks up in its defense - arguing, inter alia, that the rump, terrorist-run Jewish Gaza in Stephen Walt's hypothetical would still have a…

  • Hope Is Not A Strategy

    Bradley Burston, via Jeffrey Goldberg:In recent days, however, Israeli moderates and the center-left have been faced a new and bizarrely troubling…

  • Infrastructure To Nowhere

    I'm a great believer in the idea that the United States needs to spend more money on our aging infrastructure, which makes me one of those…

  • Armaggedon's Choices (II)

    On the "would Reagan have nuked Russia" question, a foreign-policy guru friend emails the following: The likelihood of a President facing a truly…

  • Neuhaus, Ctd.

    The wizards at TNR have exhumed my long-ago back-and-forth with Damon Linker.  

  • Armageddon's Choices

    Ron Rosenbaum, on the "Letter of Last Resort":At this very moment, miles beneath the surface of the ocean, there is a British nuclear submarine…

  • Neuhaus and Liberalism

    Damon Linker:In his obituary for Richard John Neuhaus, Douthat claims, in response to some nameless silly person (who just happens to be me), that…

  • Richard John Neuhaus, RIP

    I only met him twice, but he was a mentor nonetheless. My family migrated through Christianity when I was young: I was baptized Episcopalian,…

  • War: What Is It Good For?

    Yesterday, Matt Yglesias offered a thoughtful attempt to put his skepticism about Israel's Gaza incursion in the context of the lessons he's drawn…

  • The Israel Lobby And Its Critics

    Of Walt and Mearsheimer, Daniel Larison writes:Without refighting the battles over The Israel Lobby all over again, I'll say this much. Whatever the…

  • The Church and the Morning After Pill

    Regarding this post, Rod Dreher asks:Ross Douthat faces a fascinating (to me) dilemma: the Vatican officially says one thing about the morning-after…

  • A Jewish Gaza?

    Having praised the new Foreign Policy site, let me welcome them to the blogosphere by taking exception to this hypothetical from new-minted FP…

  • Abortion and the Morning After Pill

    Everything that I've read on the subject suggests that Will Saletan has it right, and the Vatican has it wrong.

  • A New Foreign Policy

    If you haven't already checked it out - starting with Shadow Government, a loyal-opposition blog featuring Peter Feaver, Philip Zelikow, and my good…

  • Just War and Modern Warfare

    This Peter Hitchens line seems to offer a tidy distillation of the moral case that's been advanced around the blogosphere against Israel's tactical…

  • The Backlog

    To kick off the year, here are a few things I might have blogged about over the last week or so, had I maintained the impressive Christmas-season…

  • The Year Turns

    Regular posting will resume in the new year. In the meantime, to usher out two thousand and eight, here's a poem for all seasons:We were riding…

  • Samuel Huntington, RIP

    Reihan has an obit for his fellow Stuyvesant alum.


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