Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • The Fanboy As Critic

    Do you know what I really dislike? Extremely long critical essays that describe their subject, often in painstaking and florid detail, without…

  • Potterdamerung

    I've finished the book, but my thoughts will take a little while to sort themselves into proper criticism; for now, if you don't mind spoilers, start…

  • Should Vitter Resign?

    Jonah leans that way, but with caveats; Jason Zengerle looks at Congress's recent anti-prostitution gestures; Ramesh writes that "maybe one reason…

  • Political Fictions

    It's not the Harry Potter reaction you all (okay, maybe just a few of you) are waiting for, but you can find my review of Sammy's House, by Kristin…

  • Your Potter Roundup

    Jonathan Last has all the predictions you'll need. Megan McArdle and Kieran Healy, meanwhile, remind me why Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…

  • Dangerous Nation (II)

    I am, however, in agreement with Robert Kagan when he argues that American predominance will persist long after the Iraq War:... foreign policy…

  • Dangerous Nation (I)

    Robert Kagan:Historians will long debate the decision to go to war in Iraq, but what they are least likely to conclude is that the intervention was…

  • Jon Lovitz, Andy Dick, and Phil Hartman

    As celebrity altercations go, this one - and the backstory - is pretty remarkable.

  • A Modest Proposal

    Via Larison, here's Jim Pinkerton:... with all due respect to former Vice President Al Gore, we might as well just say it bluntly: Muslims with…

  • Resign, Senator

    Ruth Marcus is right about David Vitter, and E.J. Dionne and David Ignatius are flat wrong: Making use of a prostitution ring isn't a private matter,…

  • Richard Milhouse Giuliani

    John Podhoretz and Peter Robinson both dismiss Michael Gerson's case for a Rudy-Nixon analogy. Here's JPod:... unlike Nixon in 1968, Giuliani…

  • Our Blogging Future, Ctd.

    Against my blog semi-triumphalism, Reihan offers a a qualified defense of non-blog forms of web journalism: ... to the extent the Slates and NROs and…

  • God's Comeback?

    This WSJ piece, on the revival of religion in Europe, dovetails perfectly with my argument in the last Atlantic that European life - and particularly…

  • From Academy Award Winner Paul Haggis

    Words to choke on. Anyway, here's your 2007 Best Picture Winner.

  • The First Potter Review ...

    ... is up, courtesy of the Baltimore Sun. And perhaps for fear of various legal repercussions, it says very little in very few words. But I detect a…

  • The Case Against Knocked Up, Continued

    I'm reminded that John Podhoretz shared the thinking woman's take on Knocked Up:Alison decides to keep the baby and to try and see whether she and…

  • Heresy and Democracy

    Just a quick response to Ramesh's characteristically thoughtful post on the question of Bush's heresies, or lack thereof. I agree that neither…

  • None of the Above '08!

    It has a certain ring to it ...

  • Men At Work

    As fellow laborers in the thankless but necessary task of convincing readers everywhere to pay no further attention to Alan Wolfe, I commend the…

  • Market-Friendly Versus Family-Friendly

    Dana Goldstein: By “argue big,” Obama meant expanding the terms of the pro-choice debate beyond access to abortion, contraception, and…


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