Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Ending or Winning?

    There's a lot to agree with in Peter Beinart's piece about Obama's quest to "end" the culture wars - particularly his point that as far as style and…

  • The Case For A Torture Commission, Cont.

    "Enhanced interrogation" yielded crucial intelligence that saved lives, says former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen. No, says the Post's Dan Froomkin…

  • The Church and the Lefebvrists

    If you're looking for a more nuanced and detailed take on the Vatican's decision to lift the excommunication of four Society of Saint Pius X bishops…

  • The Teapot Analogy

    In response to this post, and the suggestion that even hardened atheists should occasionally feel faint tremors of "maybe God does exist" doubt,…

  • Means and Ends

    Drawing Che Guevera into the earlier conversation about Irish terrorists, Arab terrorists and counterfactuals, Larison writes:Lincoln, Wilson and…

  • The Two Losts

    From Todd VanDerWerff's meditations on the season premiere:I suspect when all is said and done that the history of Lost will cleave it pretty neatly…

  • The Auteur Theory

    Via Isaac Chotiner, I see that David Carr has a novel theory of the Oscar nominations:... what's particularly clear this season is that the Academy…

  • The Oscars (II)

    We disagree about the merits of Revolutionary Road, but for a similarly damning (and more comprehensive) take on this year's nominees, I recommend…

  • The Oscars

    Allow me to quote myself, from the latest issue of National Review: ... the [Christmas] rush is worse for critics than for viewers, since at least…

  • Small-Government Egalitarianism?

    Speaking of week-old blog posts, here's a provocative argument from Edward Glaeser - one that foreshadows, I suspect, some interesting…

  • Roe Turns Thirty-Six

    This has been making the rounds already, but it's hard to come up with a better way to mark the occasion:

  • The Lefty Press in the Age of Obama

    In my recent bloggingheads session with Yglesias, I talked a lot about the perils awaiting the progressive mediasphere in an age of liberal dominance…

  • The Pro-Cheney Case For A Torture Commission

    As Daniel Larison notes, the one place where Obama explicitly invoked "false choices" in yesterday's speech was his Bush-rebuking reference to "the…

  • A Little Carter, A Little Reagan

    The speech, I thought, was a sometimes-dissonant, sometimes-successful attempt to marry expansiveness and sobriety. The language of realism was woven…

  • Quote For the Day

    Lift every voice and sing. Till earth and heaven ring, Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; Let our rejoicing rise. High as the listening skies, Let…

  • Achieving Our Country

    I'll watching the Inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow the way a good American should: At home, over some sort of brunch, in front of a…

  • More Judeo-Christianity

    Razib rounds up the responses to his case against the term "Judeo-Christian." I should note that mine was not intended to be a full-throated defense…

  • The End of the Bush Presidency

    Bob Woodward offers ten lessons to be drawn from the Bush Administration; none, as you might expect, are terribly flattering to our soon-to-be…

  • Probably and Perhaps

    The Christian Science Monitor, on those anti-theist bus ads:Much of the campaign's initial buzz centered on the assertion that God "probably" doesn't…

  • Hamas, the IRA, and America

    In the wake of the barrage from Larison, Massie and McArdle on the subject of the U.S. relationship to the IRA, I will concede that in spite of its…


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