Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Does Rush Matter?

    Jay Cost, responding this column from Reihan among other things, doesn't think any of the sturm und drang over Limbaugh makes a difference:When…

  • Rush and Olbermann

    I basically agree with Jonah Goldberg's point about the limits of the Limbaugh-Oprah comparison, which is one reason my original post circled around…

  • Darwin and Christ

    From a provocative list of propositions (via John Schwenkler) about the great evolutionist and religion:From the beginning, it was moral panic more…

  • Rush and Oprah

    Hugh Hewitt writes that Limbaugh's speech at CPAC "will be talked about for years and even decades." I hope he's wrong about that, but he's…

  • Fooled By Randomness?

    Even Warren Buffet is allowed to have an awful year from time to time. But reading about Berkshire Hathaway's losses over the weekend, all I could…

  • God and Man in Big Love

    In my last post on Big Love, I described the show as "arguably - arguably! - one of the most sympathetic portraits of conservative religious belief…

  • The Limbaugh Speech

    My reaction to the thing is too predictable to be worth going over, but if you're interested in the state of American conservatism I'd certainly…

  • Plantinga v. Dennett

    Now this a discussion I wish we could have seen on YouTube.Update: There seems to be an audio version here.

  • Layer Cake

    I liked Patrick Ruffini's attack on the Right's Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher (enough with the nonsense, right?) fixation. But I also liked Daniel…

  • If Obama Fails ...

    ... and the Republicans are still floundering, what happens? Yglesias says the GOP comes back anyway:[A] hard-right agenda ... certainly isn't where…

  • The Tent Shrinks

    At this rate, pretty soon it'll just be Rush and his microphone.

  • Abortion, Contraception and the States

    To Reihan's objections (and those of some readers), I should say that I didn't mean to oversimplify the state-by-state picture on abortion, which is…

  • The Convention Speech That Wasn't

    Larison's take on Jindal's tone-deaf address seems spot-on to me.

  • The Other Jindal

    From Michael Gerson's (pre-speech) column on Bobby Jindal: At a recent meeting of conservative activists, Jindal had little to say about his…

  • Snap Judgments

    Obama was fantastic - worlds better than his inaugural. He laid out the most ambitious and expensive domestic agenda of any Democratic President…

  • Re-Running McCain

    Like I said, I'm trying to be patient with the Obama-era GOP: It's a leaderless party in an awfully tough spot. But that doesn't mean that Fairbanks,…

  • How Do You Solve a Problem Like Abortion?

    I admire the persistence with which Will Saletan argues for common ground in the abortion debate, and attempts to sell his fellow liberals on the…

  • The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism?

    Matt Continetti's essay on the crisis of American authority called to mind this passage from a perceptive analysis of neoconservatism that Tod…

  • The Lives They Lived

    I wouldn't say that it was a good a night for Oscar, overall. (Penn over Rourke? Alas ...) But I was glad to see the mad Frenchman from Man on Wire…

  • Oscar Counterprogramming

    Hard to do better than a lengthy conversation about Mulholland Drive, I'd say. Or, alternatively, an appreciation of The Devil's Advocate.


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