Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • A Tale of Two Outsiders

    As a early Palin-booster who's expressed disappointment with what we've seen from John McCain's running mate to date, I think it's reasonable for me…

  • Palin and Her (Conservative) Critics

    Over at TNR, Michael Schaffer argues that conservative pundits can't have it both ways: You can't simultaneously defend Sarah Palin from liberal…

  • Superstitious Minds

    Mollie Ziegler Hemingway looks into the bold, heroic rationalism of unbelievers, and finds - well, something slightly different:The Gallup…

  • Another Country

    If you read one story this weekend, make it Dexter Filkins on his return to Iraq after two years away.

  • What Should McCain Be Saying?

    A couple days ago, I suggested a few ways that John McCain could have put together a more ideological creative campaign - running as a Sam's Club…

  • Politics Ain't Beanbag, Special Obama Edition

    Why, it's almost as if the Obama campaign shared my annoyance with the ridiculous "John McCain is running the sleaziest, most dishonorable campaign…

  • Why Is Palin Falling?

    Sarah Palin's approval numbers have dropped pretty steadily over the past week or so, which prompts Yglesias to opine:In the wake of Sarah Palin's…

  • Porn and Adultery, One More Time

    If you spend any time on the rest of the Atlantic's site (as well you should) you've probably already noticed the piece, but anyone who's weary of…

  • Palin, Bush and the Establishment

    I thought that David Brooks' column on populism, elitism and Sarah Palin was quite good (even if I'm not sure my qualms about Palin's preparedness…

  • In The Thunderdome

    If you'd like to watch me discuss many of the same issues I've been discussing lately, but on video instead, the brutal, no-holds-barred,…

  • McCain and the Conservative Future

    James Poulos, responding to these two posts, and dilating on the McCain campaign's crumminess: The trouble isn't that McCain's campaign is the…

  • Getting Culture War Ads Right

    A few days ago, Jim Geraghty complained that my critique of McCain's sex-ed ad relied more on how the ad "feels" than on what the ad actually said.…

  • The Uncreative McCain Campaign

    Writing in response to my suggestion that the McCain campaign has wanted for creativity, I think Rich Lowry makes a strong case that they've been…

  • Misunderestimating Sarah

    That's what the Republicans may be doing, Tyler Cowen argues, in the provocative Palin-related post of the day.

  • Politics Ain't Beanbag, Cont.

    I should note that Alex Massie was considerably more eloquent - and less overtly cynical - over the weekend on some of the same points I just made…

  • Politics (Still) Ain't Beanbag

    In the post I just mentioned, Ezra eventually reverts to standard-issue anti-McCain dudgeon:None of this, of course, absolves McCain of what he has…

  • What The Media Covers

    Amid the mounting liberal hysteria about how John McCain is running the most despicable campaign ever etc. etc., Ezra Klein deserves credit for this…

  • Sarah The Unready

    Now that we've seen the entirety of the Palin-Gibson tete-a-tete, I concur with Rich Lowry and Rod Dreher. The most that can be said in her defense…

  • Channeling Dubya

    Apart from the "regurtitate your talking points" aspect of the evening, there were other things to find troubling in the Gibson-Palin interview. Here…

  • Will McCain Ruin Palin, Revisited

    At this point, I'm no longer that all that worried about Sarah Palin crashing and burning, Quayle-style, because John McCain plucked her from…


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