Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Who's Afraid of Low Birthrates?

    Yglesias wonders, in the context of the Georgian Patriarch's pro-natalist baptism policy:Less clear to me is why so many people seem concerned by the…

  • The Church, AIDS and Africa, Cont.

    My comments on the question of Pope Benedict's culpability for mass suffering and death in Africa has generated quite a lot of reader email, as you…

  • Conservatives, Crime Policy, and the Black Vote

    A little while ago, Shelby Steele wrote an op-ed discussing the problems that conservatives have appealing to minorities, and especially…

  • The Heresies of Freeman Dyson

    If for some unfathomable reason this engaging Times profile - which focuses on his late-in-life career as a global warming skeptic - is your first…

  • Let The Wild Rumpus Begin

    Well, this should be interesting, at the very least ...

  • The AIDS Libel

    I was going to let the latest round of outrage about the Pope, condoms and AIDS pass without throwing in my two cents, but then Jeff Goldberg went…

  • Crime and Punishment

    Isaac Chotiner, on that Atul Gawande piece I just mentioned:Gawande makes the case that [solitary confinement] can plausibly be called torture. He…

  • The Tough-On-Crime Trap

    Atul Gawande's New Yorker piece on solitary confinement deserves to be read in tandem with Cato Unbound's symposium on American incarceration rates.…

  • The Rise and Fall of Culture11

    An interesting, largely fair-minded look at a much-too-short-lived experiment.

  • The Life and Death of Miss Jade Goody

    Via Alex Massie, a life story that no contemporary novelist could invent - and that no future historian of the reality-TV era will be able to resist.

  • Collapse or Consolidation?

    Andrew Stuttaford's big Standard piece on Europe and the economic crisis offers a lot to chew on, but the essential argument is this: Having created…

  • The Religion of John Rawls

    Tyler Cowen calls this piece, on Rawls' relationship to Christianity, "one of the best mid-length essays I've read in some time." I concur. Here's a…

  • The JournoList, Revisited

    Reihan does a good job of exploring what you might call the "sociology of political journalism" angle to the liberal list-serv story, which to my…

  • Kinsley and Stem Cells, Revisited

    Michael Kinsley was kind enough to respond to this post, in which I objected to his suggestion that pro-lifers who oppose embryo-destructive research…

  • Is There A New Progressive America?

    Here's an interesting go-round between Jay Cost and Ruy Teixeira, pivoting off the latter's recent report on "A New Progressive America." I'm on…

  • The Rise of Ezra Klein

    It's awfully hard to say anything that constructive about the infamous JournoList without having access to the kind of discussions that take place on…

  • The Church and the World

    Via John Schwenkler and Commonweal, it's nice to see somebody in the Vatican finally saying the right things - the Christian things, if you will -…

  • Dated Paul, Married Sanford?

    Michael Brendan Dougherty's profile of Mark Sanford makes for interesting reading; so do the follow-ups from Reihan (here and here) and Larison. You…

  • A Crisis of Confidence

    These are ugly, ugly numbers no matter how you slice them. But those who slice with outlandish coup scenarios in the back of their minds will note…

  • Griefs Observed

    I don't really have any commentary to offer here, but it's been striking to read Amy Welborn's reflections (start here, then go here and here and…


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