Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Moderate Republicans, Reformist Conservatives, and Other Animals

    A reader writes:I read your posting on Limbaugh's monologue. There is one point I do not understand. You seem to claim that a bad campaign by…

  • Rush Limbaugh Explains It all

    This Rush Limbaugh monologue is a fascinating document, and should be required reading for anyone seeking to understand one of the most powerful…

  • The Absence of Policy

    One of the many fascinating things about Robert Draper's Times Magazine story on the McCain campaign is what isn't included in its account of the…

  • Rewatching The Sopranos

    Like any good movie geek, I've got David Thomson's "Have You Seen ...?" - the companion volume to his epically awesome Biographical Dictionary of…

  • Palin in 2012, Revisited

    Basically, I agree with the Ambinder-Cillizza take on the question - namely, that Sarah Palin might well be a formidable contender for the GOP…

  • A Boy's Life

    It occurs to me that in this campaign season, some of my readers may be spending so much time leaping from Atlantic blog to Atlantic blog ("these are…

  • Biden's Epic Gaffe, Cont.

    People keep emailing me to say that Biden's gaffe wasn't a gaffe at all, that he was just talking about how Barack Obama will be tested like any new…

  • Biden's Epic Gaffe

    Ambinder, on the Dem veep's comments about Obama being greeted by "an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy":In…

  • Spreading the Wealth (III)

    Jonah has a thoughtful response to my last post on the subject.

  • Haters

    In this week's New Yorker, Steve Coll remarks that at McCain-Palin rallies "the mood has been not so much socialist as national-socialist." This…

  • Spreading the Wealth (II)

    Another thing on this subject - is opposition to wealth-spreading in principle really now a litmus test for being a conservative? I thought that…

  • My Good Opinion of Alec Baldwin ...

    ... has been vindicated yet again.(h/t: Ericka Anderson)Update: Just for the heck of it:

  • Is Libertarianism Discredited?

    So sayeth Jacob Weisberg: Sure, he allows, there were lots of contributing causes to the current meltdown, but "market fundamentalism" deserves the…

  • Sarah Palin and the VRWC

    This Jane Mayer piece promises the story of "how John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin," but it's remarkably short on inside information from the…

  • Palin And Her Critics/Apologists

    People keep pointing me to this Noam Scheiber piece on Sarah Palin's Alaskan past as conclusive proof that she's some horrifying combination of…

  • Spreading the Wealth

    For a week or so now, I've been listening to smart conservatives suggest that Obama's "spreading the wealth" remark might really, really hurt him -…

  • Congratulations, Tampa Bay Rays

    You earned it the hard way, you bastards. Good work, and welcome to the Show.

  • Is Joe The Plumber Fair Game?

    Jon Chait Cohn, on the media coverage of everybody's favorite everyman:... Running with thinly-sourced or unconfirmed allegations about…

  • What Is The Conservative Cocoon?

    Ach, okay, I'll wade back in to this debate one more time, because I think Mark Steyn has slightly mistaken the thrust of this post:One of the things…

  • The Glory of Their Times

    Roger Angell, the greatest (and perhaps the oldest) baseball writer of them all, turns to blogging:Boston's comeback is the second-best October…


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