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Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • The Ghosts of Elections (Recently) Past

    I've spent the last couple of weeks gently tweaking my panicky, paranoid liberal friends who just can't help fretting that Obama's seemingly…

  • The Nightmare Scenario

    It almost goes without saying, but John Podhoretz offers some reasons (and there are more, I think) why nobody should be rooting for a McCain victory…

  • Around the Horn

    For election eve, a potpourri of links related to the future of the Right ...  ... Yuval Levin, who's almost always more sanguine than yours truly,…

  • Madelyn Dunham, RIP

    This is simultaneously immensely, immensely sad, and such a remarkable coincidence as to feel like a small, inscrutable brush stroke of…

  • Reasons To Welcome a Liberal Era

    Less conservative-bashing in the popular culture, and more stuff like this:

  • Lost Horizons

    I had a succession of meals last week with smart conservative friends, and I found them all relatively sanguine about the defeat that's almost…

  • Missing Karl Rove

    After the election we're going to read a lot of analyses like this one from Mark McKinnon, arguing that second-guessing is unfair, and that in an…

  • Too Soon To Tell

    I've written before about Jonathan Haidt's view that our moral impulses can be grouped into five categories, two "liberal" (harm/care, and…

  • Annals of Alternative History

    Musing on what might have been if Al Gore had won Florida in 2000 - namely, a Democratic Party rallying around a presidential nominee named Joe…

  • Obama and the Race Card

    On the "'spreading the wealth' as racial appeal" question, Yglesias writes: "Well, obviously you could read just about anything as a coded…

  • Fixing the Postseason

    Peter Gammons, before last night's demi-game:When this World Series finally ends, there will be a great deal of discussion about how to avoid this…

  • In Fairness ...

    ... I should note that the design of this last-ditch McCain ad - which actually uses the word "welfare," as opposed to just talking about "spreading…

  • Congratulations, Philadelphia

    That was a pretty exciting three and a half inning victory. (Seriously! And it ended before midnight! Maybe the postseason needs more rain-suspended…

  • Heads, You're a Racist. Tails, You're a Racist!

    As I've said before, I'm been somewhat baffled by the McCain campaign's decision to spend its final weeks accusing Barack Obama of being a "spread…

  • Jindal, Race, and the Right

    Dave Weigel weighs in on the subject here; Daniel Larison here. I think that liberals trying to understand the conservative mind, circa 2008, should…

  • Is Slate Conservative? (Revisited)

    Question asked ... and question answered.And yeah, I understand that when Yglesias suggested that Slate leaned rightward, he was probably thinking of…

  • The Iraq War and the GOP's Fortunes

    Yesterday, Culture11 hosted an interesting back-and-forth between John Schwenkler and James Poulos on the question of where the Iraq War (remember…

  • Jindal, Obama and the GOP

    I think Chris Orr is completely wrong about this:... while there are plenty of 2012 GOP presidential aspirants who have reason to be unhappy with the…

  • The End of Conservatism?

    For some reason, The New Republic has decided to embarrass the talented and perceptive John Judis by digging out of its archives a piece that he…

  • Liberal or Conservative?

    McClatchy has a piece on the Bush Administration's successes curtailing homelessness - a subject I've written about before. Because spending has…


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