Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Regarding Douglas Kmiec

    In response to those liberals who have written in taking me to task for refusing to give Douglas Kmiec's arguments the respectful consideration they…

  • The Ironist-in-Chief

    JPod, on Obama's Nancy Reagan line:... I'm sorry he's getting hammered for it, because it made him seem like a more interesting person. Now, Obama is…

  • Bloggingheads in the Time of Obama

    On the day after the election, Robert Wright was kind enough to grill me about the GOP, Grand New Party, and related issues, and you can watch the…

  • Obama, Pro-Lifers and FOCA

    Intemperate broadsides against Douglas Kmiec aside, I'll have more to say early next week, hopefully, about pro-lifers in the age of Obama. For now,…

  • Inequality and the GOP

    Yglesias, Wilkinson and Manzi had an interesting round-robin on the subject yesterday.

  • Two Paths To Reform

    The nice thing about a resounding defeat is that everyone can look at the exit polls and find confirmation that the GOP needs to do better among…

  • Obama, Abortion and the GOP

    The Slate dialogue continues, and I say some very unkind things about Douglas Kmiec.

  • Losing the Youth Vote

    Patrick Ruffini has the grisly details. Greg Mankiw ventures a conjecture:Why? I am not enough of a political scientist to be sure, but…

  • Sarah Palin's Next Act

    Chris Beam and Allahpundit have smart takes.

  • Michael Crichton, RIP

    He died yesterday, and like C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley - both of whom entered the next life on November 22, 1963 - his passing was overshadowed by…

  • America The Center-Left?

    Mark Steyn:As for us losers, there's no point us going down the right-wing version of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Any shrill vicious ad hominem…

  • The Conservative Future

    I'm participating in a Slate discussion about the Right's future over the next two days. My first contribution is here; I highly recommend Jim…

  • It Could Have Been Worse

    The electoral college was a blowout, but it looks like I came pretty close calling a 52-47 split in the popular vote. Turnout wasn't all that much…

  • Remarkable

    I hope I will be forgiven a touch of hyperbole when I say that it's hard to imagine a more inspiring back-to-back of political addresses than…

  • Congratulations, President-Elect Obama

    Like many conservative writers, my good opinion of Barack Obama diminished somewhat over the course of the campaign. Part of this was the inevitable…

  • The End of An Endless Campaign

    Matt Continetti ponders the long, long road to today's decision:It's worth revisiting why this has been a long campaign. The reason has nothing to do…

  • Ideology And Policy

    While we wait for history (of some sort, either way) to be made, I just wanted to pull out this passage from Yuval's post yesterday on the looming…

  • The Audacity of Timing

    Alex Massie has a long, thoughtful post on how the man and the moment (seem to) have met - and a shorter post pointing out how fortunate Obama was to…

  • Palin, Plumbers, and Polarization

    Chris Caldwell, on class and the election:... the Palin pick was the electoral equivalent of an atomic bomb. It was one of those tactics that turns…

  • It's a Wonderful Movie Reference

    I like Edward Rothstein's columns and I enjoyed this piece, but I feel like somebody else got there first.


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