Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Barack Obama, Liberal Hawk?

    Yglesias cries foul on my last post, with its prediction that Obama would end up earning a "strange new respect" among some right-wing hawks - and…

  • Eyes on the Prize

    Jim Geraghty:So Joe Lieberman is keeping his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee on the say so of 42 Senate Democrats AND President Obama…

  • The When and the Why of Abortion

    Ed Kilgore:Here is the real deal on abortion policy: activists on both sides of the abortion debate understand yet rarely acknowledge that a…

  • Time Passes

    Via Tyler Cowen, Jason Kottke has a post that vividly illustrates how music and movies from your childhood become "oldies" and "classics" without…

  • Presidents and Heretics

    If you're following the interesting debate over whether Barack Obama is a Christian, one thing to keep in mind is the extent to which heresy of…

  • Abortion and the Art of the Possible

    I want to take up a point the indefatigable Freddie DeBoer raises in the comments to the John Schwenkler post I just mentioned:I just don't…

  • Falls the Shadow

    Yglesias has a smart post on the potential gulf between the GM bailout smart liberals would like to see take place and the GM bailout as it's…

  • On The Possibility of An Abortion Compromise

    A fine post from John Schwenkler:... if the pro-life position on abortion is unpopular, then so is the pro-choice one; or rather, each is unpopular…

  • Bail The Presses!

    BusinessWeek's Jon Fine gets down to nuts and bolts on how this journalism bailout thing might work, offering up two potential "Newspaper Rescue…

  • Star Trek Returns

    The bootleg trailer for J.J. Abrams' Trek film is here, though probably not for long, and it kicks you upside the head like a good Romulan ale. The…

  • Souls On Ice

    "Few issues," Ronald Green writes, "are likely to generate more emotional opposition than federal funding of stem cell research." Fortunately, he has…

  • Jindal Tackles Health Care

    This will bear watching. 

  • The Journalism Bailout, Ctd.

    I offered the carrot; Megan offers the stick:... you know that normally, I'd take the libertarian side and argue against this. But the news business…

  • Provocation of the Day

    Alex Tabarrok:The Federal Government owns more than half of Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Alaska and it owns nearly half of California, Arizona,…

  • Where's The Journalism Bailout?

    David Frum, on the fate of GM:Last week, the stock of Las Vegas Sands Corporation collapsed. Bankruptcy seems a real possibility. Indeed, the whole…

  • Should Conservatism Be a Movement?

    I meant to say something earlier about Austin Bramwell's attack on the idea of a conservative "movement." He writes:Movement conservatives have in…

  • Sarah Palin and the MSM

    James Poniewozik and Jason Zengerle both note that (in Zengerle's words) "for someone who spent so much time railing against the mainstream media in…

  • Newt and New Ideas

    Those inclined to support Newt Gingrich's apparent bid to chair the RNC on the grounds that he's always flush with new ideas should go back and…

  • A Foray Into Racial Awkwardness

    Is there any way for a white American to say that the election of Barack Obama makes him feel happy for black America without sounding condescending,…

  • Jindal Takes A Pass

    Why do conservatives hold out such hopes for Bobby Jindal? Because he's a smart, smart guy.


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