Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Surviving In A Terrorized Hotel

    This Jeff Goldberg post is the most interesting thing I've read today, and it makes me think that he should write an entire article or book on…

  • Quantum of Solace

    I finally saw Daniel Craig's second Bond outing over Thanksgiving, and I was going to write a post about how I didn't quite understand why people…

  • The Millman Chart and the GOP

    Responding to my post on why the Right needs realists, Noah Millman summons up his soon-to-be-famous chart of American foreign-policy types:The…

  • Mumbai

    Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. From the Lede, last night:Earlier, Suketu Mehta, who compared Mumbai to New York in his book Maximum City, attempted to…

  • Why The Right Needs Realists

    I did a rambling, unfocused, "y'know"-ridden pre-Thanksgiving Bloggingheads with Matt Yglesias, in which among other things we discussed the way the…

  • Huck and Sarah

    From this week's New Yorker:Asked about Sarah Palin, he responded, "She, uh, was an appropriate choice, because she put John McCain back in the…

  • That Didn't Take Long

    Me, last week:Obama already made fans of Niall Ferguson and Eli Lake; by 2012, I wouldn't be surprised if he's converted Max Boot as well. Max Boot,…

  • The Mind of a B-List Actor

    Sometimes I like Entourage, but I've had it in for Adrian Grenier ever since he singlehandedly dragged The Devil Wears Prada down from an A- movie to…

  • Best. Cabinet. Ever?

    Ezra Klein throws some much-needed cold water on all the excitement about how smart and experienced and hyper-competent the Obama Administration is…

  • Trade-Offs

    The theme of my commentary on the Russo-Georgian War was the need for America to choose between grand strategies: If we're fighting a global war on…

  • The Moral Obligation To Study Election Returns

    George Weigel, on the election and the Catholic vote:This year, the pro-abortion candidate carried every state in what Maggie Gallagher calls the…

  • Christina Romer, Tax Cutter?

    Of the three big economic-team appointees Obama announced today, Christina Romer is the most obscure; she's also, as Mankiw, Wilkinson and…

  • JFK, Round Two

    On the other hand, maybe the progressives are absolutely right to worry about what the Clinton-to-State pick portends:George STEPHANOPOULOS, on GMA,…

  • Getting Out of Iraq

    In a rare harmonic convergence, the Hillary-to-State news has Daniel Larison and Michael Goldfarb arguing along similar lines, joining the chorus of…

  • The Future Beckons

    And apparently it's going to involve woolly mammoths with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads ...

  • Democracy In America

    Via Allahpundit, you too can play Minnesota Election Judge. 

  • Getting Back In The Game

    What Yglesias says here about conservatives and transportation policy - that there are plenty of free-market reforms that the Right could and should…

  • The Legs of the Stool

    Poulos, responding to this post:Ross also claims that "Of the three legs of the modern right-of-center stool - social conservatives,…

  • Things That Could Have Been Brought To My Attention Yesterday

    In today's Journal, Newt Gingrich and Peter Ferrara argue that instead of Barack Obama's hodgepodge of tax credits, we should have a straightforward…

  • Barack Obama, Liberal Hawk?

    Yglesias cries foul on my last post, with its prediction that Obama would end up earning a "strange new respect" among some right-wing hawks - and…


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