Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Too Big To Fail, World Edition

    Speaking of future foreign policy debates, Ambinder raises a good question:... Where the discussion isn't going, at least in public,  (or the PR…

  • The Foreign Policy Debate, Past and Future

    Of my various remarks about foreign-policy schools, a reader writes:I think you're creating all sorts of divisions where none really exist. There…

  • Luck, Hard Work and Meritocracy

    There's some interesting discussion around David Leonhardt's review of Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers - and particularly around this passage:These two…

  • Why Liberals Can't Govern

    That's the lesson of the Blagejovich affair, right? (And the Rangel case, the William Jefferson scandal, and many more to come, no doubt ...) I mean,…

  • The Case For Caroline?

    After allowing that her head tells her to "recoil from political dynasties," Ruth Marcus lets her heart make the case for Senator Kennedy of New York…

  • Mr. Cao Goes To Washington

    Whether or not the "Future is Cao" (oh, John Boehner ...) - and indeed, whether or not the newest Louisiana Congressman has any chance of winning…

  • Our Enemy, The Payroll Tax (Revisited)

    Incidentally, just because conservatives need to think hard about infrastructure doesn't mean that they necessarily need to embrace infrastructure…

  • 10,000 Men of Hapsburg

    I've gone all squishy about my youthful monarchism since I left Harvard, but I'm gratified that a new generation of campus conservatives has picked…

  • Bill Kristol and Big Government

    Obviously I sympathize with many of the notes Bill Kristol strikes in his column today. But I think he's ultimately taking the argument too far, to…

  • Man Gave Names To All The Animals

    This Telegraph story is headlined "words associated with Christianity and British history taken out of children's dictionary," but the purge of…

  • Litmus Tests

    To my comment that pro-lifers have spent most of their political capital over the last decade working within the Roe/Casey framework to push very…

  • A Movement That Can - And Cannot - Compromise

    I have an op-ed in today's Times on what will be a familiar theme to most of my readers: The pro-life movement and the possibility of an abortion…

  • Weekend Readings

    Andy Ferguson on the attempt to reboot the National Museum of American History.The University Bookman's "regionalism" issue.Frum on George…

  • The Grand Duke's Last Veto

    Oh, and speaking of those old aristocrats ... sometimes they can still get things right. (h/t: Rod Dreher)

  • The Shooting of Brian Beutler

    A first-person account, with Ta-Nehisi as his interlocutor:

  • Great Power, Great Responsibility

    Last week, both Ta-Nehisi and Megan had posts on the dubiousness of the search for villains in our current economic mess, when the fault may lie less…

  • The Kids Are (Comparatively) Pro-Life

    Over at Secular Right - which I intend to read, er, religiously, though I'd rather its creators were expending their energy on a less self-segregated…

  • The Wire's Politics

    Earlier this week, Jonah Goldberg brought up a perennial favorite topic around these parts, arguing that as much as David Simon's show was beloved by…

  • Learning From (Recent) History

    James Poulos, on the lessons of Iraq:Of course, people get antsy when you won't cough up a grand ideology to match your grand strategy, but that's…

  • A Hamiltonian By Any Name ...

    Per the criticisms from Poulos and Larison, I should say that I was playing along with Walter Russell Mead's division of the American foreign policy…


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