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Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • The Catholic Church is Finished

    This was the year when the cover-up of priestly sex abuse, a long-simmering crisis for Catholicism, became something much, much bigger. It was…

  • A Hundred Days Of Bush

    Every President's early months in office are shaped by circumstances and policies inherited from his predecessor. But few presidencies have enjoyed…

  • A Goodbye

    This has been my last week at The Atlantic. The magazine has been my home for seven years, under four editors, permanent and interim: The late…

  • The Tea Parties

    They resemble nothing so much as the anti-war protests during Bush's first term. The claim that they don't have an organizing premise strikes me as…

  • Theology Has Consequences

    Damon Linker, in a much-commented-on post on our possibly post-Christian future:What will provide the theological content of the nation's civil…

  • Easter

    Make no mistake: if he rose at all.It was as His body;If the cell's dissolution did not reverse, the molecule reknit,The amino acids rekindle,The…

  • Good Friday (III)

    The wounded surgeon plies the steel. That questions the distempered part; Beneath the bleeding hands we feel. The sharp compassion of the healer's…

  • Good Friday (II)

    Terry Eagleton:... for Christian teaching, God's love and forgiveness are ruthlessly unforgiving powers which break violently into our protective,…

  • Good Friday

    Rene Girard:Beginning with the story of Cain and Abel, the Bible proclaims the innocence of mythical victims and the guilt of their…

  • Some Links For Holy Week

    Joshua Land revisits The Passion and The Last Temptation of Christ.Ben Witherington offers a detailed critique (with more to come) of Bart Ehrman's…

  • Is Feminism The New Natalism?

    Michelle Goldberg, explaining why liberals should care about demographic decline: ... it's tempting to dismiss concerns about demographic decline as…

  • "The Supposedly Free West"?

    I take second place to no one in my admiration for James Wood. But I'm looking forward to the day when we're deep enough into Barack Obama's Glorious…

  • A Budget Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    It probably goes without saying, but I thought The Weekly Standard's take on the GOP alterna-budget was more or less spot-on.

  • A Weekend Miscellany

    Reihan on health-care reform; Bruce Bartlett on tax reform.Alan Jacobs on Philip Pullman, pro-death apologist.Seed Magazine on Christians and the…

  • The Coming Tax Revolt?

    Jonah writes:Just something to ponder. For a couple years now, there's been a growing chorus of pundits, analysts and -- most significantly…

  • The Case of Howard Ahmanson

    Rod Dreher took note of this a little while ago, and over the weekend Kathleen Parker based a column around an interview with Ahmanson, a big-time…

  • The Sick Man of Eurasia

    There's nothing terribly unexpected in Nicholas Eberstadt's essay on Russia's demographic decline, but his analysis provides useful background for…

  • The Naive Opposition

    Ezra Klein, on Paul Ryan's alternative budget:It's not what you do when you're responsible for running the government. It's what you propose when you…

  • Deterring Iran

    From Jeffrey Goldberg's much-discussed interview with Benjamin Netanyahu:"Since the dawn of the nuclear age, we have not had a fanatic regime that…

  • Medvedev v. Putin?

    There may be a slight element of Western wishful thinking in this analysis, but as a backgrounder to the first Medvedev-Obama encounter (and the…


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