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Ross Douthat is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Will Pope Francis Break the Church?
    Edward Kinsella III

    Will Pope Francis Break the Church?

    The new pope's choices stir high hopes among liberal Catholics and intense uncertainty among conservatives. Deep divisions may lie ahead.

  • The Catholic Church is Finished

    This was the year when the cover-up of priestly sex abuse, a long-simmering crisis for Catholicism, became something much, much bigger. It was…

  • A Hundred Days Of Bush

    Every President's early months in office are shaped by circumstances and policies inherited from his predecessor. But few presidencies have enjoyed…

  • A Goodbye

    This has been my last week at The Atlantic. The magazine has been my home for seven years, under four editors, permanent and interim: The late…

  • The Tea Parties

    They resemble nothing so much as the anti-war protests during Bush's first term. The claim that they don't have an organizing premise strikes me as…

  • Theology Has Consequences

    Damon Linker, in a much-commented-on post on our possibly post-Christian future:What will provide the theological content of the nation's civil…

  • Easter

    Make no mistake: if he rose at all.It was as His body;If the cell's dissolution did not reverse, the molecule reknit,The amino acids rekindle,The…

  • Good Friday (III)

    The wounded surgeon plies the steel. That questions the distempered part; Beneath the bleeding hands we feel. The sharp compassion of the healer's…

  • Good Friday (II)

    Terry Eagleton:... for Christian teaching, God's love and forgiveness are ruthlessly unforgiving powers which break violently into our protective,…

  • Good Friday

    Rene Girard:Beginning with the story of Cain and Abel, the Bible proclaims the innocence of mythical victims and the guilt of their…

  • Some Links For Holy Week

    Joshua Land revisits The Passion and The Last Temptation of Christ.Ben Witherington offers a detailed critique (with more to come) of Bart Ehrman's…

  • Is Feminism The New Natalism?

    Michelle Goldberg, explaining why liberals should care about demographic decline: ... it's tempting to dismiss concerns about demographic decline as…

  • "The Supposedly Free West"?

    I take second place to no one in my admiration for James Wood. But I'm looking forward to the day when we're deep enough into Barack Obama's Glorious…

  • A Budget Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    It probably goes without saying, but I thought The Weekly Standard's take on the GOP alterna-budget was more or less spot-on.

  • A Weekend Miscellany

    Reihan on health-care reform; Bruce Bartlett on tax reform.Alan Jacobs on Philip Pullman, pro-death apologist.Seed Magazine on Christians and the…

  • The Coming Tax Revolt?

    Jonah writes:Just something to ponder. For a couple years now, there's been a growing chorus of pundits, analysts and -- most significantly…

  • The Case of Howard Ahmanson

    Rod Dreher took note of this a little while ago, and over the weekend Kathleen Parker based a column around an interview with Ahmanson, a big-time…

  • The Sick Man of Eurasia

    There's nothing terribly unexpected in Nicholas Eberstadt's essay on Russia's demographic decline, but his analysis provides useful background for…

  • The Naive Opposition

    Ezra Klein, on Paul Ryan's alternative budget:It's not what you do when you're responsible for running the government. It's what you propose when you…

  • Deterring Iran

    From Jeffrey Goldberg's much-discussed interview with Benjamin Netanyahu:"Since the dawn of the nuclear age, we have not had a fanatic regime that…


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