Ronald Brownstein

Ronald Brownstein is the editorial director of National Journal. More

Ronald Brownstein, a two-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of presidential campaigns, is National Journal Group's editorial director, in charge of long-term editorial strategy. He also writes a weekly column and regularly contributes other pieces for both National Journal and The Atlantic, and coordinates political coverage and activities across publications produced by Atlantic Media.

  • Obama Hits the Reset Button

    Reframing his presidency on Tuesday night, Obama broke away from the struggles that marked his first two years in office

  • The Democrats' White Flight

    New data show two broad trends: the exodus of whites from the Democratic Party and America's divergent views along racial lines

  • We're No. 2

    Americans no longer think the U.S. economy is No. 1, a new Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll shows

  • Children of The Great Recession

    The Millennial Generation is the largest, most diverse, and potentially best educated in American history. But what happens to their dreams and drive as they step into the worst job market in decades? The author presents a tour of the generational landscape, from struggles to successes, coast to coast.

  • On Jonathan Gruber's Conflict Of Interest

    Given the prominence with which I quoted Jonathan Gruber of MIT in several recent pieces, I've been asked today whether his work for the…

  • Dean's Blind Spot

    White, college-educated activists don't have to worry about health insurance

  • Obama and The Atlantic

    Ronald Brownstein makes the president's reading list

  • A Milestone in the Health Care Journey

    The cost curve. And makes history.

  • The California Experiment

    The California Experiment

    Busted budgets, failing schools, overcrowded prisons, gridlocked government—California no longer beckons as America’s promised land. Except, that is, in one area: creating a new energy economy. But is its path one the rest of the nation can follow?

  • What Baucus Got Right

    Liberal critics of the proposal Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont) released this week see it as a dead end in the health care…

  • Closing The Book On The Bush Legacy

    The final word on Bushonomics and poverty.

  • Why Ted Kennedy Was the Last of His Kind

    For Kennedy, there was no contradiction between soaring, uncompromising goals and the messier work of fashioning imperfect legislative compromises

  • Where Obama Is Losing Ground

    The demographics of Obama's slide.

  • His Crowd

    All the controversy about President Obama's upcoming appearance at Notre Dame is overshadowing a larger point about the university commencement tour…

  • Who's The Divider?

    Some of the key strategists in former President Bush's administration have launched an offensive claiming that President Obama, who ran partly on…

  • Why The Left Thinks Obama Can't Govern

    Jonathan Chait is smart and acerbic and he gets a lot of things right in his extensive New Republic story on the relationship between Congressional…

  • Why Obama Can't Satisfy The Left

    Considering that Democrats last November won their most sweeping electoral victory since 1964, and now enjoy unified control of government for the…

  • America, The (Jacksonian) Meritocracy

    A fascinating survey released Thursday by the Pew Economic Mobility Project-one of the few million research arms of the Pew Charitable…

  • A Promising Convergence on Health

    No one ever went broke betting against the prospects for health care reform. Now that the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series (twice), the…

  • Repudiating Bush

    From his inauguration address forward, President Obama hasn't pulled any punches in criticizing the record of his predecessor, George W. Bush. In…


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