Ronald Brownstein

Ronald Brownstein is the editorial director of National Journal. More

Ronald Brownstein, a two-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of presidential campaigns, is National Journal Group's editorial director, in charge of long-term editorial strategy. He also writes a weekly column and regularly contributes other pieces for both National Journal and The Atlantic, and coordinates political coverage and activities across publications produced by Atlantic Media.

  • His Crowd

    All the controversy about President Obama's upcoming appearance at Notre Dame is overshadowing a larger point about the university commencement tour…

  • Who's The Divider?

    Some of the key strategists in former President Bush's administration have launched an offensive claiming that President Obama, who ran partly on…

  • Why The Left Thinks Obama Can't Govern

    Jonathan Chait is smart and acerbic and he gets a lot of things right in his extensive New Republic story on the relationship between Congressional…

  • Why Obama Can't Satisfy The Left

    Considering that Democrats last November won their most sweeping electoral victory since 1964, and now enjoy unified control of government for the…

  • America, The (Jacksonian) Meritocracy

    A fascinating survey released Thursday by the Pew Economic Mobility Project-one of the few million research arms of the Pew Charitable…

  • A Promising Convergence on Health

    No one ever went broke betting against the prospects for health care reform. Now that the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series (twice), the…

  • Repudiating Bush

    From his inauguration address forward, President Obama hasn't pulled any punches in criticizing the record of his predecessor, George W. Bush. In…

  • President Obama's Top Republican Ally

    SACRAMENTO-While tensions are rising between President Obama and Congressional Republicans, California's Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says…

  • Obama's To Do List

    Everyone has a to-do list around the house. In an interview Friday afternoon on Air Force One en route to Chicago, President Obama shared his with a…

  • The Loyalists

    All the focus on the lockstep Congressional Republican opposition to President Obama's economic recovery has overshadowed an equally striking…

  • Reconcilable Differences

    Obama and McCain both say they want to usher in a new, less divisive brand of politics. Which of them has the better chance? Is bipartisanship still possible?


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