Reihan Salam

Reihan Salam is a policy advisor at Economics 21, a columnist for The Daily, and a blogger for National Review Online.

  • The GOP in 2012

    As the architect of America's overwhelming victory in the Gulf War, President George H.W. Bush spent most of 1991 as a prohibitive favorite for…

  • Republicans and the Obama Foreign Policy

    Congressional Republicans are all but united in their opposition to President Obama's domestic program. But on foreign policy, where the Obama White…

  • Empire Falls?

    Though Hillary Clinton never made it to the White House, this should be a good moment for Democrats in the Empire State. The Democrats appear to have…

  • Starving the Beast, or Feeding the Beast?

    In an excellent post on Barack Obama's fiscal policy, one that builds on arguments recently made by Matt Yglesias and Clive Crook, The Atlantic's…

  • The Santelli Conspiracy?*

    Update: As Megan McArdle notes, this story appears to be completely bogus. Was Rick Santelli's "Chicago Tea Party" a spontaneous expression of…

  • How taxes might reshape America

    In his essay on "How the Crash Will Reshape America," Richard Florida argues that the financial crisis will ultimately prove beneficial to New York…

  • Thinking through a global stimulus

    Earlier this month, Harvard Kennedy School economist Dani Rodrik, who rose to prominence and a brilliantly quirky critic of the Washington Consensus,…

  • Unstable expectations

    President Obama has crafted what looks like a sober, responsible budget, one that gives us a clear sense of the fiscal challenges ahead. But as The…

  • Dating in a Downturn

    In yesterday's Washington Post, Tara Bahrampour filed a dispatch on dating in an economic downturn. From investment bankers to real estate…

  • Is high tech really at risk?

    William Haseltine is convinced that the answer is yes. I'm less certain.

  • Will Google become an energy business?

    Anya Kamenetz has an interesting take on Google's reboot of over at Fast Company's blog. Larry Brilliant is leaving his role as head of…

  • We've already nationalized the banks

    Matt Yglesias notes that John Makin, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, favors nationalizing the banks, in large part…

  • Mass transit suicide

    No, I'm not referring to a modern-day Anna Karenina throwing herself under an oncoming subway car. Bear with me.Jay Yarow at Green Sheet wants to…

  • The next American industrial policy

    Last summer, Jonathan Rauch wrote a brilliant piece for The Atlantic on the evolution of the American automobile industry that focused on GM, then…

  • Listen to Amar Bhidé

    As Clive Crook and Arnold Kling remind us, even the most brilliant economists are not very good at settling basic questions over how the world works.…

  • It's Summers time

    During the transition, when President Obama unveiled his economic policy team, I think we were all struck by the number of highly impressive Clinton…

  • North America's Other Election

    What Democrats and Republicans can learn from Canada's Stephen Harper

  • Inequality Bites

    Why wage stagnation hasn't led to a political revolt—until now.

  • Planting the Rightroots

    Can Republicans find a way to compete on the Web?


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