Reihan Salam

Reihan Salam is a policy advisor at Economics 21, a columnist for The Daily, and a blogger for National Review Online.

  • End All Taxes—Except One

    The property tax might be the most loathed tax in America. During the 1970s, a number of activists—angry that their tax burdens were rising as…

  • Will Tata Save America?

    By now you've heard of the modern marvel that is the Tata Nano, best known as the world's cheapest car. Perhaps you also know that Tata, long one of…

  • The End of Authorship

    Tim O'Reilly, one of my personal heroes, has a short but very suggestive post on, appropriately enough, how publishers are starting to resemble…

  • Why Hiring is Harder in a Downturn

    Auren Hoffman, a serial tech entrepreneur, has an interesting and rather frank post on "why hiring is paradoxically harder in a downturn."

  • Will Iraq Save Us From Stagflation?

    On Friday, Jad Mouawad of the Times reported on rising anxieties concerning global oil supply. Prompted by a new report from Cambridge Energy…

  • Who Owns Facebook?

    Was Facebook right or wrong to cave to the army of irate users who decried its Twitter-like redesign? Last week, Dare Obasanjo attracted a lot of…

  • Offshoring and American hegemony

    A number of America's storied companies have announced end-of-quarter layoffs, which isn't too surprising given the economic climate. But in the case…

  • The Hipster Depression

    What happens to fledgling bands when the market goes bust?

  • Texas and the Sunbelt economic model

    The latest issue of The Economist has a data-rich dispatch (subscription-only, I believe) on the state of Texas's economy. Political progressives…

  • Why we should track and measure everything

    Via Alan Jacobs, I came across a short, interesting post from Doug Bowman, one of Google's lead designers, on why he's leaving the company.

  • Synthetic serendipity at SXSW

    We've been told more than once that technological creativity flourishes in downturns, with Google's birth during the last web bust as the cardinal…

  • Rethinking The JournoList List

    A friend emailed to ask me for my thoughts on the "JournoList," a question prompted by Michael Calderone's short but suggestive report in yesterday's…

  • Robert D. Kaplan on the New Geopolitics

    In a wide-ranging essay for Foreign Affairs, Atlantic national correspondent Robert D. Kaplan argues that the Indian Ocean rim will take "center…

  • Massachusetts' medical meltdown?

    Massachusetts is facing a health care crisis. Despite landmark legislation that has brought the state close to its goal of universal coverage,…

  • Newspaper pluralism

    On Thursday, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., publisher of The New York Times, gave a thoughtful address on the subject of "news literacy," and it makes for an…

  • The Mark Sanford Revolution?

    The American Conservative, founded by Patrick Buchanan to serve as a voice for anti-war, anti-immigration conservative nationalists, plays an…

  • Oatmeal Economics

    Because this is a business and economics site, it's rare that we discuss matters relating to oatmeal. But over at Serious Eats, Erin Zimmer artfully…

  • A USA Sovereign Wealth Fund?

    In 2007, Tyler Cowen raised an intriguing possibility.

  • The Changing Politics of Incarceration?

    Florida Governor Charlie Crist, once known as "Chain Gang Charlie" for his tough-on-crime stance, surprised many when he embraced the cause of…

  • An EFCA Compromise?

    In describing the Employee Free Choice Act, Chris writes: The bill would eliminate employer-mandated secret-ballot elections in the union organizing…


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