How changing demography is changing a nation

A student's back is photographed as she raises her hand. She wears her hair in long pigtail braids.
Higher Education

Where Students Get Two Years of College in High School for Free

A small private school in western Massachusetts has launched a network of tuition-free early colleges across the country.



  1. Early Childhood
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    How to Predict a Baby's First Word

    A new study suggests what a toddler sees plays a major role.

  2. Criminal Justice

    Only Ever Knowing Your Brother Behind Bars

    A reader in Chicago details her first memory of her older brother—“behind the Plexiglas”: Across from him…

  3. Criminal Justice

    ‘Our Father Didn't Show Up to Court for the Child He Ruined’

    The latest story in our reader series comes from a young woman, Ngeri, who is “still personally working through my…

  4. Criminal Justice
    Charlie Riedel / AP

    The Link Between Race and Solitary Confinement

    Men of color are overrepresented in isolation, while whites are typically underrepresented.

  5. Early Childhood
    Courtesy of Landscape Structures

    The Playground Where Babies Learn to Talk

    A campaign to encourage brain development is using parks to deliver its message to children and their caregivers.

  6. Higher Education
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    What Is the Future of the Office for Civil Rights?

    Experts with varying opinions weigh in on what the arm of the Department of Education could look like under Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos.

  7. Criminal Justice
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    More Prisons Are Phasing Out the 'Box’

    A new study offers data on the continued use of solitary confinement, and a corrections leader weighs in on the practice’s future.

  8. Communities
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    Not All Immigrant Labor Is Cheap Labor

    There are problems with the narrative that visas are letting foreigners take Americans’ jobs at lower wages.

  9. Criminal Justice

    The Shame of a Privileged Family Dealing With Prison

    This reader was hesitant to share her story and wasn’t sure if we even wanted to hear it: …

  10. Criminal Justice
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    Declaring Addiction a Health Crisis Could Change Criminal Justice

    The surgeon general’s new approach on substance abuse has policy implications for law enforcement.

  11. Criminal Justice

    The Trauma of Visiting a Sibling in Prison

    Our latest story comes from a reader whose brother is locked up for murder and attempted murder: …

  12. Higher Education
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    What Is Faculty Diversity Worth to a University?

    The “invisible labor” done by professors of color is not usually rewarded with tenure and promotion. But it is more important now than ever.

  13. Criminal Justice
    Gary Cameron / Reuters

    President Obama Hits Another Commutation Milestone

    With 79 new grants, he’s set a modern-era record for presidents.

  14. Criminal Justice

    When Being Locked Away Opens You Up

    This reader grew much closer to her brother while he was in prison: I was raised in…

  15. Workforce

    Red Nation, Pink Economics

    Donald Trump drew support from counties where men’s jobs are going away, while women’s jobs are ascendant. There’s nothing he can do to change it.

  16. Higher Education
    Bria Webb / Reuters

    The Push for Sanctuary Campuses Prompts More Questions Than Answers

    It’s not clear how far colleges would or could go to stop the deportation of students.

  17. Workforce
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    American Marriage in the Time of the Recession

    Women who lived in areas that suffered the brunt of the downturn, new research suggests, were more likely to be abused by their partners.

  18. Workforce
    Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    Black Wealth in the Age of Trump

    The president-elect has pledged tax reform and job creation—policies that should theoretically help poor and minority Americans. Will they?

  19. Criminal Justice

    Loving a Sibling Despite His Unmentionable Crime

    A reader writes: My brother is serving his second prison term, this time for five years. I…

  20. Criminal Justice

    Losing Your Brothers to Prison

    This week I wrote a six-part series that explored the myriad effects on the siblings of young people who serve…