How changing demography is changing a nation

A job seeker discusses his resume with a recruiter.

Privilege Helps Men—but Not Women—Get Fancy Jobs

A researcher who sent hundreds of fake résumés to law firms found that hiring managers were most impressed by male applicants who indicated a passion for polo and sailing.



  1. Higher Education
    Andrew Burton / Reuters

    The Racial Disparity of the Student-Loan Crisis

    The answer seems to be tied in large part to the types of graduate schools people attend.

  2. Higher Education
    Patrick Semansky / AP

    When For-Profit Colleges Prey on Unsuspecting Students

    Without access to counseling in high school, many ambitious yet disadvantaged students still end up in schools where they’re most likely to drop out and accrue lots of debt.

  3. Communities
    Jim Mone / AP

    America’s Real Refugee Problem

    Minneapolis’ large Somali community made it through a grueling screening process in order to enter the country. Now, earning a living in the U.S. is proving difficult for younger generations.

  4. Workforce
    Dennis Cook / AP

    Trump’s Exaggeration of NAFTA’s Lousiness

    Far from “one of the worst deals ever made,” the 1994 trade agreement has nonetheless become a target of the Republican nominee.

  5. Higher Education
    Chitose Suzuki / AP

    How the LSAT Destroys Socioeconomic Diversity

    The Logic Games section forces test takers to master a new type of thinking—and that knowledge is not cheap.

  6. Higher Education
    Gerald Herbert / AP

    The Unlikely Union Between a Trump Supporter and Historically Black Colleges

    Paris Dennard is the new head of strategic communications for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

  7. Workforce
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    About Those 79 Cents

    The most frequently cited pay-gap statistic obscures the even wider gaps faced by people of color.

  8. Early Childhood
    Ted S. Warren / AP

    The New Focus on Children's Mental Health

    Most teachers don’t feel equipped to meet their students’ emotional needs, but some programs are working to change that.

  9. Higher Education
    Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    The Cost of Being First

    Conflating “first-generation” and “low-income” students is inaccurate and isolating.

  10. Criminal Justice
    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    The Justice Department Corrects for a Use-of-Force Blind Spot

    A new program might signal the feds’ readiness to get more involved in local policing practices.

  11. Higher Education
    Audrey Cleo Yap

    A New Generation of All-Girls Schools

    They’re focusing on STEM in an effort to close the achievement gap.

  12. Higher Education
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    Colleges Aren't Very Kid-Friendly

    The childcare offered to student parents varies widely in quality, accessibility, and consistency.

  13. Communities
    Alexia Fernández Campbell

    How America's Past Shapes Native Americans’ Present

    A Minneapolis community seeks to counteract centuries of federal policies that have put its people at a disadvantage.

  14. Communities
    Library of Congress

    The Problem With Only Letting In the 'Good' Immigrants

    It’s difficult to determine who is “good” without making some troubling assumptions.

  15. Higher Education
    Rick Wilking / Reuters

    Colleges Pay Millions to Host a Presidential Debate

    Washington University in St. Louis expects to spend between $4 and $5 million to stage Sunday’s face-off between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

  16. Criminal Justice
    Ben Margot / AP

    What It Takes to Secure Clemency

    Sentenced to life in prison for dealing drugs, Jason Hernandez wrote his way into a commutation from President Obama.

  17. Workforce

    Shooting for Space, to Make Life Better on Earth

    Elaine Flowers Duncan, an engineer at NASA, talks about what drew her to rocket science.

  18. Criminal Justice
    Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

    Ava DuVernay's 13th Reframes American History

    In her new documentary, the filmmaker explores how the Thirteenth Amendment led to an epidemic of mass incarceration in the United States.

  19. Workforce
    Alessandro della Valle / Keystone / AP

    From Economist in Peru, to Janitor in America

    Ciro Gutierrez, a cleaner at the University of Connecticut, talks about the struggle of white-collar immigrants who come to the U.S. but to work in blue-collar jobs.

  20. Early Childhood
    Long Story Short Media

    Where Childcare Is an Economic Engine

    Despite boasting one of the nation’s first universal pre-k programs, parents in Georgia still struggle to make sense of the dollars and cents of the state’s early care.