How changing demography is changing a nation

Police officers face rows of Latino residents in a meeting room.
Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Is Becoming a 'Latino Issue'

Yet there’s still a great deal we don’t know about Latinos and the criminal justice system.



  1. Criminal Justice
    Tim Sharp / Reuters

    What the FBI's Crime Numbers Mean in One City

    Homicides are up nationally, along with other violent crimes—and a close look at San Antonio provides some context.

  2. Criminal Justice
    Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

    Can a Police-Misconduct Lawsuit Lead to Reform?

    Several legal experts say the settlement awarded to Sandra Bland’s family could potentially yield substantive jail changes.

  3. Criminal Justice
    Jim Young / Reuters

    Can 1,000 More Officers Solve Chicago's Homicide Problem?

    This is the city’s largest police-hiring surge since the 1980s.

  4. Higher Education
    Paul Quinn College

    Bringing a College Back From the Brink

    Paul Quinn president Michael Sorrell thinks his work-college model can thrive in cities across the country. But can it work without him?

  5. Higher Education
    Wilfredo Lee / AP

    The Undervaluing of School Counselors

    Their role is crucial to helping more students reach higher education.

  6. Higher Education
    U.S. Department of Education / Flickr

    Free College Is Not a Fantasy

    U.S. Education Secretary John King highlighted Tennessee’s efforts to expand access to higher education during his back-to-school bus tour.

  7. Criminal Justice

    The Question Some Public Universities Will No Longer Ask

    Dozens of higher education institutions in New York state will stop asking applicants whether they have past criminal convictions.

  8. Criminal Justice
    Library of Congress

    Taking Military Sexual Trauma Seriously

    One California court system is working to address the challenges facing women veterans, still coping with abuse they endured during their service.

  9. Criminal Justice
    Andrew Nelles / Reuters

    Did Chicago Cops Try to Cover Up the Shooting of Laquan McDonald?

    A grand jury will decide whether officers should be charged for lying about the October 2014 death of a 17-year-old.

  10. Communities
    Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

    The Truth About Undocumented Immigrants and Taxes

    They’re contributing billions of dollars a year to Social Security, but may never reap any retirement benefits from it.

  11. Higher Education
    Tod Lending

    From the South Side of Chicago to College

    A new documentary chronicles the lives of two young black men as they leave high school and pursue higher education.

  12. Criminal Justice

    Is Another Attica on the Horizon?

    On the anniversary of the notorious prison uprising, inmates in Alabama and Texas facilities decry living and working conditions in today’s penitentiaries and call on other incarcerated people to do the same.

  13. Higher Education
    Brynn Anderson / AP

    The CEOs of Sorority Row

    Despite negative stigmas associated with Greek life, affiliated women leverage their chapter experiences in the job search.

  14. Criminal Justice

    Treating Young Offenders Like Adults Is Bad Parenting

    As one state wrestles with the effects of trying juvenile defendants in adult courts, others reconsider the practice.

  15. Criminal Justice
    Danny Moloshok / Invision / AP

    Hollywood's Justice-Reform Leader

    Scott Budnick, the producer of The Hangover, has brought his talents to the legal-policy arena and earned kudos along the way.

  16. Criminal Justice
    Emily Berl / The Atlantic

    Why Defending the Homeless in Court Is Not Enough

    A public defender talks about the alternative approach that’s making a path back home for many in California.

  17. Higher Education
    Gavin Averill / Reuters

    Judge's Football Team Loses, Juvenile Sentences Go Up

    No, seriously.

  18. Communities
    Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

    How to Get Americans to Talk About Race

    Start with simple questions, and establish a baseline of trust.

  19. Criminal Justice
    Rich Pedroncelli / AP

    The Particular Challenges of Guarding Women Prisoners

    Bisera Habibija, a lieutenant at a state corrections facility in Utah, talks about how she’s seen the inmate population change over the last decade.

  20. Higher Education
    Mike Segar / Reuters

    Why Making College Free Isn’t Enough for First-Generation Students

    Hillary Clinton’s plan might sound nice, but financial burdens are just one of many hurdles on the path to a degree.