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Andrew McGill / The Atlantic

The Different Ways Fox, MSNBC, and CNN Recapped Monday's Debate

They were given the same 120 minutes. But each network presented them its own way.

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State & Local
Matt York / AP

Does Immigration Matter in Down-Ballot Races?

Latino voters in battleground states aren’t familiar with Senate candidates’ policies on reform. That could give Republicans an opening.

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Who's been discussed on cable-news networks in the last 15 days

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On the Trail

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The Blurred Lines of Gerrymandering

What is the difference between civil redistricting and intentional disenfranchisement?

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Gaffe Track

The 2016 election in blunders

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October 4th

General Election Debate TBDFarmville, Virginia

October 9th

General Election Debate TBA TBDSt. Louis, Missouri

October 19th

General Election Debate TBA TBDLas Vegas, Nevada
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