Seven Days Out: The Latest

A bagful of developments overnight:

1. A big FLA GOV debate last night, but the headline is that Democrat Alex Sink violated debate rules by having a make-up artist show her a text message relating to something factual. The headline from the dean of the FL political press corps calls her a "Cheat." Sink fires the aide who sent the message.

Neither Sink nor Rick Scott (R) performed especially well. Both botched answers on the minimum wage. Sink was ribbed by the moderator for her reliance on newspaper endorsements.

2. In CA, GOPer Meg Whitman declares "we're going to win" ... Is MegMometum like JoeMentum in '04?  Whitman releases an ad acknowledging that voters don't like her or Jerry Brown, but she's got a better story. .... The NRSC sinks millions more into Carly Fiorina's campaign.

3. AK SEN: The GOP and Sarah Palin double down on Joe Miller a day after he admits ethical lapses. Is it a sign that Lisa Murkowski is gaining traction?

4. NV SEN: A low-level Harry Reid aide named Diana Tejada apparently lied to the FBI about the status of her relationship with a Lebanese man. The incident occurred before she was employed by Reid; she was fired when the incident came to light. Sharron Angle will pursue this tomorrow. Tejada was not charged. She "admitted receiving payment for "some of her expenses" in exchange for fraudulently marrying BAssam Mahmoud Tarhini in 2003, strictly so he could obtain permanent U.S. residency, according to court documents," per Fox News. Gerard Depardieu he's not.

5. In CO, Tea Party groups urging GOP nominee Dan Maes to just drop out completely in race -- he's polling so poorly now, and Tom Tancredo has a chance of winning. Internal DEM polling has Bennet up by two points. Democrats very happy with early returns there.  The NRSC runs an ad with the theme of "Us" versus "Them," but doesn't completely define who "us" is and who "them" are.  And the DSCC doubles down on Buck's gaffes with an ad stating how "he doesn't get it."

6. Republicans predicting gridlock -- this plays into the White House messaging.

7. Charlie Cook's latest column doesn't see how Republicans WON'T pull off a greater than 54-seat pick-up in the House.

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Marc Ambinder is an Atlantic contributing editor. He is also a senior contributor at Defense One, a contributing editor at GQ, and a regular contributor at The Week.

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