OFA Enlists Community Service, Grassroots Lobbying On June 27


Organizing for America (OFA) has been handling the officially sanctioned, DNC/volunteer-organized grassroots lobbying efforts for President Obama's health care reform push. Today, it's gearing up for the next phase: a national day of service for health care June 27. This will be the biggest action in support of Obama's reform efforts thusfar. It's community service, but it's also political: OFA's volunteers are doing this service, in part, to raise awareness for reform.

Here's what the events will look like, as described by OFA Director Mitch Stewart in an e-mail to supporters today:

The individual projects will differ from area to area, depending on what's needed most.

Some groups will organize blood drives to boost local supplies and save lives. Others will volunteer at local clinics that provide free or discount services to those in need.

In some areas, we'll be helping low-income parents get information about how to enroll their children in their state's Children's Health Insurance Program. And some of us will run healthy food drives to promote health awareness and fight hunger in our communities.

...No matter which way you serve, you'll be connecting with like-minded supporters in your area, helping those who might otherwise fall through the cracks of the current system, and at the same time building awareness and support for the comprehensive health care reform our country so desperately needs.
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