The Daily Five: Snow Days

1. 10 inches of snow stymie campaigns in New Hampshire...Ron Paul cancels campaign stops today and tomorrow..... More snow expected in Iowa later this week. Fred Thompson begins three day South Carolina swing on Wednesday; both he and Giuliani have several high-dollar fundraisers planned for this week. Bill Clinton is in Keene, Clairmont, and Lebanon, NH. Curt Schilling campaigns for McCain in NH on Wednesday; McCain continues statewide bus tour; Romney returns Tuesday. Latest Gallup: Clinton drops 11 points; Giuliani drops; Huckabee rises.

2. American for Tax Reform's Grover Norquist is kind to Huckabee. The movement "can accept converts," he tells CBN's David Brody........a body language excerpt tells Newsmax's Ron Kessler that Mike Huckabee is "very genuine"......Rudy Giuliani "assailed" the Fair Tax concept today, says it would "not be a good time" to end the home mortgage deduction.....Newsweek questions Giuliani's Qatari connections.....Fred Thompson appears on Charlie Rose show tomorrow.....Romney says his "Faith in America" speech on Thursday will not duplicate JFK's famous speech; his campaign offers anchor interviews to preview it.

3. Ex-Clinton labor sec. Robert Reich: "I just don’t get it. If there’s anyone in the race whose history shows unique courage and character, it's Barack Obama. HRC’s campaign, by contrast, is singularly lacking in conviction about anything. Her pollster, Mark Penn, has advised her to take no bold positions and continuously seek the political center, which is exactly what she’s been doing."....Obama mgr David Plouffe sends out fundraising email entitled "When Hillary Attacks....".......New AP-Pew poll: " In all three early states, Democrats trust Clinton more than her rivals on Iraq, though by smaller numbers than she gets nationally from her party...."...Edwards tops latest Iowa Independent power rankings....

4. NRSC releases web ad comparing Sen. Mary Landreiu to Hillary Clinton. "Democratic Courage" group plans to release its first anti-Hillary ad tomorrow. No buy details were available.

5. The South Carolina Republican Party charters a plane for journalists to fly directly from Manchester, NH to Myrtle Beach, SC for the SC GOP debate on Jan. 10. (Otherwise, try flying US Airways through Charlotte or Delta through Detroit). .... Carl Bernstein joins CNN as election analyst...

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Marc Ambinder is an Atlantic contributing editor. He is also a senior contributor at Defense One, a contributing editor at GQ, and a regular contributor at The Week.

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