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  • Rogelio V. Solis / AP

    Why Mississippi’s Law on Religious Rights and LGBT Discrimination Got Blocked

    In a 60-page ruling, a U.S. district-court judge stopped enforcement of a law providing religious exemptions for LGBT discrimination.

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  • Global
    Murad Sezer / Reuters

    ISIS Attacks Aren't About 'Hating Freedom'

    If they were, Turkey wouldn’t be a target.

  • 2016 Distilled
    Cliff Owen / AP

    Loretta Lynch Says She Won’t Intervene to Save Hillary Clinton

    The attorney general reportedly plans to announce that she will accept the recommendations of federal prosecutors investigating the former secretary of state and her use of a private email server.

  • Ideas 2016
    Jim Young / Reuters

    What About Convicts of Violent Crimes?

    An incarceration-reform advocate and former inmate makes the case for broader rehabilitation efforts.

  • Newsletter
    Mel Evans / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Born to Running Mate

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reportedly being vetted as Donald Trump’s potential vice president.

  • Health
    Jon Elswick / AP

    Health Care Falters on the Last Frontier

    Officials are struggling to make health-care reform work in Alaska. Does it hold lessons for the rest of the country?

  • Ideas 2016
    Adrees Latif / Reuters

    Should Any Ideas Be 'Off the Table' in Campus Debates?

    University leaders and observers discuss the intersection of student protests, free speech and academic freedom.

  • Next America: Criminal Justice
    Evan Vucci / AP

    The White House Has a New Data-Driven Criminal-Justice Project

    This is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at reform.

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  • 2016 Distilled
    Zak Bickel / The Atlantic

    From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer

    The release of the Benghazi report should have made this a great week for Hillary Clinton, but questions about her email—and a questionable social call by Bill Clinton—have cast clouds over it.

  • Harlan A. Marshall / AP

    On Keeping the Fourth of July

    The Atlantic contemplates the beginnings of American imperialism and the waning of patriotic spirit in 1902.

  • Trump Time Capsule #31: 'Don't Be a Sucker'

    This one really is a time capsule. It’s a nearly 70-year-old U.S. government film called Don’t Be a Sucker…

  • Congress
    Imagewell / Shutterstock

    Can the Freedom of Information Act Be Fixed?

    President Obama signs into law a much-needed update. But will it change anything?

  • 2016 Election

    Gaffe Track: Trump Doesn't Understand SCOTUS

    The candidate: Donald Trump The gaffe: On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law restricting abortion clinics…

  • 2016 Election

    Gaffe Track: Trump's Wee Scottish Blunder

    The candidate: Donald J. Trump The gaffe: Trump arrived in Scotland hot on the heels of the Brexit vote…

  • 2016 Election
    Steve Marcus / Reuters

    The Donald Trump Veepstakes: A Cheat Sheet

    Chris Christie has reportedly received vetting paperwork, while Newt Gingrich says he hasn’t heard a peep.

  • John Gress / Corbis / Getty

    The Architects Who Will Design the Obama Library

    A pair of American firms will lead the project on a site to be chosen on the south side of Chicago.

  • News
    Virginia Mayo / AP

    The U.S. Military's Welcome for Transgender Troops

    Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Thursday that U.S. armed forces will no longer prevent transgender people from serving openly.

  • 2016 Election
    Mike Derer / AP

    The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

    The sordid story of the Trump Institute is a sequel to the damaging tale of Trump University.

  • 2016 Distilled
    Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

    Most American Christians Believe They’re Victims of Discrimination

    They say religious discrimination against Christians is as big a problem as discrimination against other groups.

  • 2016 Distilled
    Steven Senne / AP

    Did Donald Trump Eavesdrop on Staffer Calls?

    The real-estate mogul reportedly dropped in on phone calls at Mar-a-Lago.

  • 2016 Election
    Chris Keane / Randall Hill / Reuters / Scott Olson / Getty / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic

    Where Republicans Stand on Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

    The presumptive nominee is making almost no progress on unifying the party he purportedly leads.