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  • Criminal Justice
    Mike Segar / Reuters

    Rudy Giuliani's Presumption of Guilt

    The former New York City mayor’s proposal to electronically monitor those on the terror watch-list reflects a steady erosion of constitutional norms.

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  • Conventions 2016
    Adrees Latif / Reuters

    A Message of Calm in an Agitated Time

    Can Hillary Clinton’s projection of steadiness resonate with an unsettled country?

  • Conventions 2016
    Gary Cameron / Reuters

    Signs of the Times

    The placards at the Democratic National Convention had more than symbolic importance.

  • Technology

    Hillary Clinton, As Defined by 12 Years of Google Searches

    More than a decade’s worth of data ranks the roles with which people most associate her.

  • Newsletter
    Scott Audette / Reuters

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Tim Kaine Packing His Harmonicas for Post-Convention Tour

    Hillary Clinton and her running mate will go to Ohio and Pennsylvania following the party’s convention.

  • Conventions 2016
    Gary Cameron / Reuters

    Why the Democratic Party Can’t Escape Mass Incarceration

    It's the issue at the heart of the convention: a policy they helped create, and are now debating how to fix.

  • Conventions 2016
    Conor Friedersdorf / The Atlantic

    The Christians Sects Who Protest at Conventions

    Those who demonstrate at the RNC and DNC have extreme views within their faith. But they are increasingly mistaken for the mainstream.

  • 2016 Election
    Scott Audette / Reuters

    Hillary's Message to America

    The Democrat promised voters she’d do her job intelligently and doggedly—and help them be the heroes of their own lives.

  • Writers
  • Conventions 2016
    Mike Segar / Reuters

    Hillary Does It Again

    In her acceptance speech, the Democratic nominee took on her Republican rival by throwing Donald Trump’s own words back at him.

  • Conventions 2016
    Mike Segar / Reuters

    The Most Inspiring and Depressing Moment of the Democratic Convention

    The father of a Muslim American who died in Iraq confronts Donald Trump.

  • Conventions 2016
    Gary Cameron / Reuters

    Hillary Clinton Begins Building Her Coalition

    The Democratic nominee for United States president made a play for progressives, moderates, and Independents alike during her address in Philadelphia on Thursday night.

  • Conventions 2016
    Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters

    How Chelsea Beat Ivanka at Being a Candidate Daughter

    The comparatively less flashy, less spirited former First Kid managed to show her mom’s softer side at the DNC on Thursday.

  • Conventions 2016
    Carlos Barria / Reuters

    Hillary Clinton’s Feminist Triumph

    The former secretary of state made history by winning the presidential nomination. Can she do it again by winning the presidency?

  • Conventions 2016
    Mike Segar / Reuters

    A Truth Made Self-Evident

    Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination in Philadelphia, ratifying a promise made there 240 years before—that all are created equal.

  • Jonathan Ernst / AP

    The Atlantic Conventions Daily

    Join us for the last day of the Democratic National Convention.

  • Conventions 2016

    Trump Time Capsule #61: 'A Serious Threat Against the Security of the West'

    Just a quick place-holder note on where things stand, near the end of the DNC and in the middle of…

  • Track of the Day: 'I Just Called to Say I Love You'

    Last week, Elaine—who writes our Politics & Policy Daily newsletter—asked readers, “What song should Donald Trump come…

  • Will Bernie Supporters Sabotage Hillary?

    Sanders supporters at Philly protest run over and cheer a "Hillary for prison" van sponsored by InfoWars. pic.twitter…

  • Video

    Elizabeth Warren on Trump's 'Toxic Stew of Bigotry and Hatred'

    Experience the senator’s press-conference speech in virtual reality.

  • Video

    Bernie or Bargain

    Are die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters willing to compromise and vote for Hillary Clinton?

  • 2016 Distilled
    J. Scott Applewhite / AP

    Obama’s New American Exceptionalism

    At the Democratic convention, the president framed America as a shining city on a hill—under constant construction.