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Where in the World? Part 3: A Google Earth Puzzle


Quiz time again - in honor of yesterday's National Geographic Bee, here is another Google Earth puzzle -- part 3 in a series (part 2 here), in which we challenge you to figure out where in the world each of the images below was taken. Note that north is not always up in these pictures. Also, be assured that, apart from a bit of contrast, these images are unaltered; they are exactly what Google and its mapping partners provide. So have a look at the images below, make your guesses, and see your score at the end. Good luck! [18 images]

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Can you identify where in the world this image was taken? Click through to the full entry to take a multiple choice quiz.
Can you identify where in the world this image was taken? Click through to the full entry to take a multiple choice quiz.
This geometric park filled with crystal-shaped sculptures is in the capital of which country?
Image (© Google, Tele Atlas, MapLink)
A densely-packed neighborhood in this historic city, home to a recent uprising and regime change.
Image (© Google, GeoEye)
This theme park is situated very close to which American city?
Image (© Google)
A tiny island, part of an archipelago just south of this island country.
Image (© Google, DigitalGlobe)
The pit in the middle of this town was once one of the most productive gold mines in the world.
Image (© Google, GeoEye)
An island of homes among farm fields in which country?
Image (© Google, GeoEye)
This tiny peninsula juts about 2 miles south across the U.S.-Canada border, and belongs to which state?
Image (© Google, DigitalGlobe)
A geometric pattern of fields in a region of this landlocked South American country.
Image (© Google, GeoEye)
This colorful square lies in the heart of which European city?
Image (© Google, COWI A/S)
Twisting landforms and farms line a large river in this country.
Image (© Google)
This lengthy beach neighborhood resides in which state?
Image (© Google)
Colorful rooftops adorn this seaside neighborhood somewhere in the southern hemisphere - which country?
Image (© Google, Whereis Sensis)
This stadium is home to a team that last year won its division title for the first time in 29 years. What U.S. city is this?
Image (© Google)
A neighborhood in the capital city of this country - sometimes referred to as the "Dead Heart of Africa".
Image (© Google, GeoEye)
An island in the capital city of this Scandinavian country.
Image (© Google)
A view of the capital, nicknamed "Athens of the North", of this European country.
Image (© Google, Infoterra Ltd. and Bluesky)
A former Soviet aircraft carrier stands in a military theme park in this country.
Image (© Google, GeoEye, TerraMetrics)

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