Philip Booth

  • Sixty

    Spring hills, dark contraries: a glade in a fall valley, its one flower steeped with sun. The there and here of her. The soft where. The…

  • Ox-Pull: Canaan Fair

    OLD before Odysseus failed to plow his son, great-flanked oxen knew the drag, the burden. man devised beyond his strength to pull. Now lever,…


Never Tell People How Old They Look

Age discrimination affects us all. James Hamblin turns to a colleague for advice.


Would You Live in a Treehouse?

A treehouse can be an ideal office space, vacation rental, and way of reconnecting with your youth.


Pittsburgh: 'Better Than You Thought'

How Steel City became a bikeable, walkable paradise


A Four-Dimensional Tour of Boston

In this groundbreaking video, time moves at multiple speeds within a single frame.


Who Made Pop Music So Repetitive? You Did.

If pop music is too homogenous, that's because listeners want it that way.



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