The Atlantic Cities Launches 'The Future of Transportation'

Washington, D.C., (February 4, 2014)— The Atlantic Cities launched today “The Future of Transportation,”a nine-month special series of reported dispatches from America’s transportation frontier. Supported by The Rockefeller Foundation and led by Cities editors Sommer Mathis and Eric Jaffe, the series will examine the full extent of America's transportation challenges and explore how U.S. cities are reinventing the way we navigate them.

“Transportation and the policies, trends and headaches that come with it, has consistently been the hottest topic area with our readers,” said Ms. Mathis. “Thanks to The Rockefeller Foundation’s deep understanding and commitment to transportation’s role in advancing a more resilient and equitable world, we’re able to expand and focus our coverage to look past the congestion to the technological, political, cultural, financial, and planning obstacles that both frustrate and inspire improvements across the country.”

“Through its transportation initiative, The Rockefeller Foundation is encouraging communities to make smart investments in modern, efficient, and effective transit solutions that meet the needs of 21st century America,” said Michael Myers, senior policy officer at The Rockefeller Foundation. “Improved transit options will better connect millions of Americans to the jobs and other opportunities that they need to succeed.  We are pleased to support The Atlantic Cities as they explore that very issue, and believe this series will help inform the ongoing dialogue around the future of transportation policy and planning in the U.S.”

The series will be presented in three parts, starting with the elusive search for “The Perfect Commute,” exploring the latest and most innovative ways to upgrade what can too often still be the worst part of our day: getting to and from work. The next installment will explore "The Smartest Trip," focusing on the connections between transportation progress and a more sustainable future. The final segment will document the current state of "Design in Motion," a close-up look at the technological and planning innovations that could fundamentally alter America's transportation landscape.

The introduction to “The Future of Transportation” series went live today, including an incisive overview of the history of American commuting from city planning scholar and author Martin Wachs, and data-based reporting from Yonah Freemark on how the rise of telecommuting is shaping U.S. transportation policy, and can be found at

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